My family and I took my son out to eat for his Birthday. I wore my new mix red/pink scarf MG just gave me. The colors are dynamo on me! Then we hopped over to the mall to look for some dress shoes for me @Nordstroms. They sure had some fiery looking shoes. I looked and I thought, hum, not for my feet. The price made me chill for a few straps and no comfort at all. As we all know by now I want my dress shoes to be work shoes. I thought as I toured the shoe department, this is like looking at me 30 years ago. 🙂 Now, its seems, I want to hear, how beautiful are the feet of those that carry the message of Christ.

As I walked around the store with my family, sales people I knew stopped to chat with me and they began to say in front of my family, “we love to see you come in, you are so beautiful, your hair is so pretty. You have such kind words to say, etc. etc.” Needless, to say, this was a God thing. NOthing about my clothes, shoes, scarfs or material items. The Holy Spirit, the angels and my loving kind generous Heavenly Father let me know, all those shoes that I would have worn long ago had no more pull on my heart’s strings.

We left the mall as happy as could be without a bag to damper our joy. Look, today, it’s cool again and out flies my old comfy boots. Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate and I am sure I will have shoes to wear for the outfit I choose right from the over abundance of items stored in my bundle of items stashed in my closet(s).

As we left the store we saw plain looking shoes that had a sign that proceeds would go to help buy shoes for African children. Our thoughts went to how to help those with no shoes. What a glorious happy feeling on the inside that brought lots of laughter to the outside.

Hopefully, somewhere in the being of my family, we have learned it is more joyous to give than receive. We want many children that have no shoes to have shoes and hope for a future. The future that Easter provides for ALL!