Several years ago I wrote a book (waiting to be published) entitled Under the Hand of Jesus. Debi of did the watercolor drawings. In the story you might find yourself identifying with the main character, Leon. There seemed to be a cloud over his life. He couldn’t see past the cloud. One day someone helped him find the one who could truly help. The helper/mentor helped the main character understand that he needed Doctor Jesus because his heart was too full of hurtful things from the world. They were making him sick.
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This is where we will pick up on the story excerpt:

…A long time ago a lamb was killed for the sins of the people. Sins are the arrows of our heart. It had to be a lamb without blemish. When it was killed then the sins of the people were wiped away as if they never happened. God had the people do this for quite a few years. Then one day He decided He would look for a lamb, who would take on all the sins of the world and then we would not need for lambs to be killed. He looked everywhere in the whole wide world, but no one could be found. The only one he could find was his own Son, Jesus, who was without sin. Jesus wanted to do what his Father wanted because He, like his Father, had such a LOVE for people.

Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem and grew up with an earthly father who worked as a carpenter and a mother Mary. He ministered, did miracles, and healed many people when he grew up. When He was thirty His ministry came to an end as He was sentenced to die, because by shedding of His blood, which was without blemish, He was covering all sin from then until the end of the world. Jesus died on the cross and then he descended into hell for He had to deal with Satan.

“Hell, where is that?” inquired Leon.

“Well Leon, that is the place that Satan lives. He was once one of the most beautiful angels in all of heaven. He wanted to be equal if not more powerful than God. God kicked him out of heaven.

When he was kicked out of heaven, He took the Keys of Life with him. Jesus, when he went down to hell, battled with Satan over the keys.
Jesus won the battle with Satan and He got the Keys of Life back. This is very, very important. The Keys of Life make it possible for us to be with God for eternity. Jesus took them up to heaven and thus we only have to believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we get to live with Jesus and God forever. If we don’t believe then we get to live with Satan forever. In hell, we will be constantly tortured forever, both physically and mentally. If we choose Jesus, we will live a life of mutual love and adoration between Jesus/God and us. What a choice uh! Which do you choose?”

Debi and I are are praying and seeking ways to have our book published. We have vowed to give the proceeds to our church ministry. Please pray with us for this project. If you know of places we could submit our work to for publishing please let us know.