Once upon a time there lived a very handsome King. He was so kind. He was caring and giving. In fact, he gave everything to his subjects. He cared for them night and day.

One day he set about to look for a bride as the hour had come for his betrothal. He wanted someone with a loving heart. He wanted someone who was kind to their fellow man, and most of all someone who was not self seeking.

He looked and looked and looked. Some had beautiful outside appearances, but when he looked closer their hearts were as cold as frozen stones. Others seem to have no heart at all. He began to think that his search was in vain. “No bride for me. I have waited for so very long and still there is no one.”

Just as he was ready to give up, along came a person everyone called “Scarecrow.” Her outward appearance was fine. Her heart was so precious. She had leaned upon God all her life. Through prayer and reading of His word she had become beautiful inside. She was scorned for her walk with God. Everyone yelled. “Scarecrow, Scarecrow, how different you are.” They would yell at her. “You are a foolish woman, eat, drink, and be merry for your days are numbered. Have some fun, don’t listen to that God of yours, he is there and you are here.” This caused a deep, deep distress in the scarecrow-like woman’s heart. She wept and wept and prayed that God would cause these people to come to an understanding of Him.

The scarecrow-like woman stood before the King. She was at awe with his total character. She knew He was like his Father as she knew His Father for many years. The King then asked the Scarecrow to be his heavenly bride. She beamed. With the King’s touch, she was transformed into the most beautiful of brides. She was arrayed in white linen and crowned with gold. She was far more beautiful than anything anyone had ever seen.

With the vows came the biggest parade of all. Banner of every hue waved as the bride made her way to meet up with her King. Angels blocked the outer perimeters of the parade route. The route was blocked off by angels who had the list of invited guests. Those who had made fun of her were now trying to get into the inner courts, but it was too late. The celebration had begun and only the invited guest could attend.
Rena K. Oynes © 1999