Prayer for Our Nation – Franklin Graham Regrets Army’s Decision to Rescind Invite to Pentagon Prayer Service
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“Evangelist Franklin Graham said Thursday that he regrets the Army’s decision to rescind its invitation to him for the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service on May 6, but expressed “strong support” for the U.S. military.”

6 thoughts on “Prayer for Our Nation

  1. I heard an interview on WTOP, a Washington, DC radio news station, yesterday. The reporters asked him what was his reaction to the complaint against his speaking at the Pentagon on the National Day Of Prayer and how could he rectify it. Franklin did not back down one bit. As stated in this article (link above), he expressed his love for the Muslim people and that he had worked among them in their nations to feed the poor, etc. but no matter what the reporters asked him (and they were very respectful)… like, did he feel he needed to compromise his oratory or tone it down concerning the Muslim religion, etc. He spoke out the truth. He proclaimed that Jesus died for the Muslim people as for all humanity and that they could be saved by belief in Jesus Christ the ONLY way to God.
    He also said that young Muslims do not have to end their lives in a car bombing to serve God. They asked him if he wasn’t worried that his stance would put his son in danger, who is serving in the conflict zones in the Middle East on his 4th tour. …maybe in a retaliatory attack. He said, ‘My son is already in danger…and he is braving it. It will not be because of my stand for Christ and against Muslim terror that he would be in harm’s way. He faces that every day.”
    I thought of St. Paul when I listened to Mr Franklin Graham. We must pray for his safety and for his bold stance in the face of bullying political correctness and religious opposition & powers…. as Paul prayed….”Pray also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel to all nations.” Eph.
    Franklin was very bold, concise, focused and accurate as he proclaimed to the whole Washington DC metropolitan area which includes three or more states, that Jesus is the Way the truth and the Life.

  2. If, as the article points out, that the Army, as spokesman Gary Tallman says, feels Graham’s “presence at the event may be taken by some as inappropriate for a government agency”, than my question is whose do they feel would be appropriate?
    Why would Franklin Graham be excluded from leading and expressing his heartfelt prayers, yet someone else be allowed to lead and express theirs? Certainly he and the organizations he is affliliated with, the Billy Graham Organization and Samaritans’s Purse are well-received by millions of Americans and others and reach out to nations and our military with many kinds of support services. Yet, they are denied a platform to ‘pray for our military, pray for our president and pray for those in authority ‘as the article states. Very sad and troubling.

  3. Debi, that is one of the points Mr. Graham made in the radio interview. Why is appropriate for a minority who claim offense at Mr. Graham’s prayers for the nation to win a case against a majority of Americans who desire the traditional day of prayer? The fact that millions, I think Mr. Graham said 78 % of American people, (whether Christian or not) sanction the Day of Prayer which many, many presidents of the USA have
    allowed in this nation. Franklin was not under the auspices of the Military or the Pentagon, per se, but invited to that forum from which to conduct the day of prayer. We who love the Lord have been warned in His Word to pray for our nation, always. Not to just wait for the day of prayer which is supposed to honor the Creator of the universe and invoke His protection and support of our people in governmental and military transactions for our nation.
    But Jesus did say His Name would bring offense. So we must pray to the God of Heaven. in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for protection and security for our people, every day. Every day should be a national day of prayer for our nation by God’s people.

  4. I find all this news, as well as the latest news on “… a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that our National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional,…” I like to look in the mirror of this news at myself and ask???? Where are you in the line of prayer? Have you planned to attend any prayer gatherings on May 6, 2010? How many prayer meetings of community have you attended this week?.

    Our friend, CF, tells me that her church in Edenton, NC opens its church weekly for all to come in to pray and no takers. The church even gives a jingle on cell phones as reminders. Ride right on by and never notice.

    We, church, prayer, make the news with sensationalism. It takes this for us to notice. Maybe this is the reason for this news, ie, a mirror reflecting ourselves. Well, that is a mirror for myself. A Wake-up call. Lots of talk from Bible Believers. I would like to quote Debi’s words from a comment on “Have Joy-Bible Study, from this website…”‘words floating into space’ as CF writes, reminds me of meteorites floating in outer space… disconnected, purposeless that when drawn into the earth’s atmosphere burst into a fireball and crash somewhere.
    How sad that someone can spend their life creating disconnected words that may be a promise or intent of action spoken but never produced. Words that lead others astray or are deceptive. Or cause others to want to place their hopes on them until they find out, when they burst into flame and disintegrate, that all they were, were falling stars.”

    Let US Pray!

  5. And we are suppose to be “One Nation Under God”? God, please help our country to turn back to you. Read with me 2 Chronicles 7:14 “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and PRAY and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

    And prayer, unconstitutional??? Our constitution protects our freedom of religion.

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