Lord God its Independence Day
We give you thanks for the men and women
Who fought so this nation would be free
And with life’s blood split
They gave so that we might
Be embraced by freedom
A freedom that allows us to
Worship here today as we wish
We thank you mighty Lord for this!

We think of the soldiers of this land today
In countries far away – fighting
That we might be free.
Lord hold their families in your arms
Be in every maneuver they find themselves in
Place a canopy over them
A symbol of your hand upon their lives

Lord we ask that you be in this nation.
We have lived in the freedom that
Others laid their lives down for.
We thank them but wonder
Do we take the freedoms fought for apathetically

May the freedoms given be cherished again by
This nation
May the people of this Nation
Again walk with the Lord God Almighty
Like there forefathers
Who sought neither fame or fortune
But the higher things of life – FREEDOM

May we like our forefathers
On bended knee want the freedom
For our nation that Jesus Christ
Gave each one of us
And they in turn wanted for our Nation.

God Bless America.