Fashion Show-Barbara

I love fashion and dressing up! Dressing up is what we called fashion when Barbara and I were teens. My teen friend, Barbara, and I had a little fashion show and entertained our friends. What a blast! No Starbuck coffee or Barbara ice tea. Just cold water and that was the drink to beat the heat! She even knows how to make that taste just right. You go girl!

We sure missed Needles (Tammy) and Chickenfarmer (Wendy) but, they were riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens with their boys. I invite you now just click and enjoy the show with my friend, Barbara.

Click on pictures to make them life size. Enjoy!
Barb 1


10 thoughts on “Fashion Show-Barbara

  1. What a real treat and blessing to see Barbara model all the clothes. She was absolutely stunning in each outfit. Not a bad outfit in the lot. Barbara joyfully modeled pieces put together by Sara before us. It was four hours of work for her and pure joy and lots of laughter for us as Barb’s humor burst forth. I don’t know who was more blessed – she or us. I do believe we were blessed more. Enjoy Barbara – God has you ready for any place He wants you to go! Go girl! We were blessed with God giving us the perfect timing for you to walk the runway shining like a star all the way.

  2. And shine she did. With her healthy good looks, perfect sense of humor and lovely like a living Barbie-Doll which she truly is. Her Holy Spirit gifts shone forth, hospitality-back. Graciously she gives, graciously she receives.
    God bless Barbara and her good works in the Body of Christ, preparing her here on earth to enter into the King’s Palace.

  3. …and see Jesus and Mama and Daddy!

    ‎”In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16, NIV) Barbara, shine for Jesus….

  4. I had such a wonderful time watching Barbara model! She modeled the right personality for each outfit and seemed to know just how to match personality to outfit which added so much fun and interest to the drama. From fun and frolick to seriously sophisticated, Barbara could demo each occasion appropriately.
    I felt so blessed to be invited into her warm home and heart and be a part of this fashion show.

  5. Wow! I sure hate that I missed the fashion show and the wonderful group of women, who came! The pictures are absolutely stunning! I know all enjoyed themselves; especially my mom. I know she is still glowing, from being so blessed!

    By the way, who was the photographer? Why don’t I see any pictures of you, Sara? I know you must have modeled some clothes too?!?

  6. Hi Needles. Here is the CAST of CHARACTERS (apologies to Max Lucado)

    Designer/Producer/Director: Sara
    Photography: Debi
    Starring: Barbara
    Audience: Rena & MG
    Honored Viewer: Sam

  7. Yeah, Needles, why no pictures of me? (: Not quite fair. I understand from the photographer from our retreat that it seems impossible to get a presentable picture of me. Seems like only my sons manage that! HUM! I really wonder why? Thanks for thinking of me…

  8. Can’t wait to see and hear what Barbara wears to church today. I love this fashion show because my friend goes to church. She not only goes Sunday am, but Sunday, PM and Wednesday’s midweek services. I met Barbara in church and our friendship connection over many, many years is still church. Proverbs 27 says, “Apply your mind to instruction and correction and your ears to words of knowledge.”

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