Camellia 005

Typically we associate late fall with a time of closing down. After
all, the trees are shedding, the frost is shutting down our summer
annual blooms and plant growth seems to grind to a halt. All that
seems left is to rake up the fallen leaves, cut back the withered
perennials, pull up the dead annuals and cut the grass one more time
before winter makes its house call. But all is not ending in the
garden. Some things are just beginning. One of these is the cold
hardy, fall blooming camellia, ‘Snow Flurry’.

This glossy evergreen shrub begins its display of fresh large white
blooms in late fall and keeps on blooming into winter.
It likes to
grow in the shade, will reach a height of 6 feet and is cold hardy to
zone 6. This plant originated in China and its seeds are used to make
edible oil called tea oil. So not only is it beautiful but it is a
functional plant. I couldn’t help lingering to look at ‘Snow Flurry’
and took a picture for you to enjoy. You might consider planting one
in your garden as a reminder that fall can bring in the new as well as
usher out the old.