8 thoughts on “Saying Good to Our Shadow

  1. Shadow was an exquisite work of art by the Master’s hand. God had colored and shaded Shadow’s lovely coat with astonishing combination of hues. His facial markings were perfect and he was as gracious an animal as he was beautiful. When you looked at him he could read the love, concern, excitement in one’s eyes. He just was a gorgeous little symbol of perfection.
    No, he wasn’t my dog [per se]. But I did love him, so. He bounced with joy when I entered the room, or any of his friends for that matter, as he looked for his treat. And if the same person exited and entered the room five times in successeion, Shadow still looked expectantly five times in succession for his treat. He’s funny that way!
    But he was beautiful and a good and obedient little guy. Just a word would stay him if that were the command.
    This little guy will be sorely missed.
    I love you Shadow and will see you in Heaven because you were a loyal, lovable and obedient friend. I like to think of you up there with Rusty & Diamond….like Sara writes…the very best in our eyes.
    R.I.P. sweet doggie!

    1. Yes, MG, he was loyal to all of us to his very end. Lily and Roxy are very sad tonight. Lily does not know what to do with herself. She has never, ever been without her best friend. They would not even eat a meal without the other. They did everything together.

  2. Shadow was a precious, loving, sensitive and kind dog. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family, Sara, including Roxy and Lily, at your loss. May the Lord comfort all of you with His love and peace.

      1. The seemingly sudden passing of a beloved pet, an important part of the family as Shadow has been, gives one pause. There is a lesson in all that happens in God’s Children’s lives. I thought about that…this sweet, jolly, gentle little guy was bouncing around, looking for treats on Saturday. And now he’s gone. No accident, no prolonged illness that anyone knew about…”but in the twinkle of an eye”, gone!
        This has been preached in a thousand pulpits and bible commentaries and Sunday schools across the ages. Paul writes about it in Thessalonians and other books of the Bible. Be ready for we don’t know when the call comes. And when it happens before your very own eyes…the reality and the TRUTH hits right home. BE READY…like this little guy. He lived to the full, to the very moment of departure. That shows me, not to be wary and fearful of the next second but to enjoin my heart to Jesus in every step I take, every deed I do, every thought of my heart, because when He calls, that’s it!
        Thanks for the truthful lesson, Shadow. I will take it to heart and reconsider my thoughts and actions at every turn. I might be just a nano-second from eternity.
        I love you, Shadow.

  3. To Shadow

    Lovely, lively creature Shadow

    Made our hearts to gladden so

    Now your departure, faithful Shadow

    Has made our hearts to sadden so

    You were a joy and a delight

    Your sensitive hero’s soul so true

    Now you tromp in fields of clover

    At the side of the Lord God Who made you.

    We’ll forever remember Shadow 3/26/13

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