June Grads

June, you remind me of flash cards.
You flash into our lives with a host
of flair and fanfare!
Birds sing with summer flowers
harmonizing; signaling summer
fruit is just a pick away

June, the brightest card of your flash
is when graduates show us their
embossed diplomas making
12, 14, 16 or even 18 years
of study
look like a flash of lightening!

Congrats are in order for
all our Grads.
You have done your family, community and
Nation Proud!
We stand and applaud your June, 2013.
With Hope for all your June’s!

Thank you, June
for stopping by each year.
Our hearts are lighter,
our eyes are brighter
when June greets us
each and every year!
Sara Craddock (c)2013

ImageArt Dawn Collins

11 thoughts on “June Grads

  1. Congratulations to all the graduates! May God bless each one, with a bright future.

    Love the poem and picture of the “wise owl”. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful poem, Sara, to send all graduates into their futures!
    My congratulations and thanks join in to all graduates this year.

  3. Tammy and Debi, this season of time when we see rainbows of caps and gowns it makes the heart swell with joyful pride, dont
    you think?

    1. Great poem Sara to the all grads! What a flash it is when we look upon our own graduation.
      As I looked at the graduating class in Mandeville, LA I knew a number of them who had dreams
      and aspirations of what they wanted to do in and for their community. I pray each grad will
      meet their goals and see their dreams come to being.

      Love the wise old owl by Dawn Collins.

    2. Yes it does. I attended a graduation tonight and saw all colors of gowns on grads from many different high schools that really did look like a rainbow of color.

      1. Debi, this is so interesting, I never stop to think that since your students came from different high schools they would have their gowns from home schools on. Whoa, that had to be a proud moment for All! Did you have a special speaker? How many High Schools were represented there?

  4. Yes, the special speaker, Ms. Kati Geaneas, FNP, is a former graduate of our school, MT, Leesburg, Va. Ms Geaneas comes from the LPN program and is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner in a nearby pediatric office. She shared aspects of her journey including the struggles and pain as well as the joys, encouraging students to learn from failures, persevere and always pursue education.
    There were 13 high schools represented, with seniors proudly wearing their uniques colors.

  5. Your graduation speaker surely gave Biblical counsel to your grads when she said to “persevere and pursue”. St. Paul said something similar to Timothy when he advised him in 2Tim 2:15, “Study to show yourself approved [unto God]…a workman who need not be ashamed..rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Good advice that, hopefully, the students will remember throughout their lives in all walks of life, no matter which vacation they choose.

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