Do you have a BEAR Neighbor?

Do you have a BEAR Neighbor?

Do you have a BEAR for a neighbor? Do you have a BEAR Story? Let’s also talk about survival techniques when a BEAR might attack? Or, starts to come near. I thought until a few days ago that seeing a Black Bear I should drop to ground! OH, my, I was just told NO, make noise and fight. Really, me fight a BLACK Bear? Climb a tree! WHOA, now I’m told they can climb a tree! Not sure how I feel about my BEAR neighbor?  Should I let my neighbor give me a BEAR HUG?

9 thoughts on “Do you have a BEAR Neighbor?

  1. Love the bear picture but don’t think I would want to be the one that near taking the picture! Good thing I read here don’t drop or that would be what I would have done if one attacked me. Having a bear as a neighbor would make me a lot more cautious about venturing outside too far in the dark. Do they sleep in the night or roam around?

  2. Whoa, after reading what happened in the story of Elisha in the Bible with the she-bears [2Kings 2] I would be very wary of bears of any color…black, brown, polar or teddy!

    1. Yeah, MG you are right! And, I heard we had a bear in my neighboring sub-division in Leesburg. They saw a bear eating from bird feeders. I hope this is not a warning to me. I dont think I called a prophet, a baldheaded old man and mocked.. Wasn’t that what happened in the Bble story; and two bears came out and feasted on the kids that called names? If this be the essence of the story I would say God dosen’t care for bullying.

  3. We have a BEAR friend, Smokey, many of us have come to love as teacher and friend. (Smokey) is a mascot of the United States Forest Service created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. An advertising campaign featuring Smokey was created in 1944…”

  4. “Do you have a BEAR story?” I have seen bears on a few occasions, mostly when I have been driving down the road. (safe, in my car!). But I can remember when I was young, and it was a Sunday morning. I was dressed for church, and we received word that a bear had made it’s way into the neighborhood and had climbed a tree. Well, living in a house with a father who loved to hunt, we had to go see the bear before going to church, and we did. I can remember looking up to see the bear, way up in the tree, just sitting there. That bear was so far up in that tree, my dad had to point him out, so I could see him.(There were several trees all around, almost like being in the “woods”. He must have climbed the tallest tree he could find?)
    “and feasted on the kids that called names?” Wow, in thinking about my story, what were we doing?!?! That bear could have climbed down that tree and we may not have made it to church that day! Thank God for His protection!

    1. Tammy, knowing your Dad I have no trouble visualizing and believing your BEAR story. But, I don’t think I would like to go and see the BEAR up the tree. If he got up the poor tree he sure could come down. And, Maybe even faster, you think? Your story does confirm that bears climb trees. When I was told that this week-end I thought, hum, how does a fat heavy bear get up a tree? I really do need these reminders to be mindful of the life of a BEAR. I must say seeing this BEAR and taking this picture gives me new appreciation for God’s creation.

      The Biblical story sure gives me a lot to think about? We must not mistreat any part of God’s creation in an ugly/harmful way.

      PS your story is interesting in another way….the BEAR wanted the highest view!

  5. LOL, Tammy, maybe the bear had heard of the reputation of the excellent hunter-man and he wanted to make sure he was where he could keep on eye on your daddy! LOL! There’s a switch.

  6. Uh, Sara, btw….do NOT, I repeat….do NOT let the bear give you a bear hug! The pearly gates might be the next scene you see.

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