Is Etiquette out of date? Is it a Biblical Word? Is it a cultural word? What is it other than what the dictionary tells us? Where do we gather our Etiquette from in our personal and professional lives? Let’s grass-root our behavior in real life situations. Starting with some ID’s we can all identify with?

When we enter a home where we have been invited as guest, do we obey the rules of the home or do we give them our guidelines before arriving? Does the inviter give the ground rules or do they change to meet the happiness of the guest?

Does family, ie, grown children, laws, or in-laws, friend or guest of any ink make a difference in Etiquette?

Do we reciprocate after being invited to a gathering, home, wedding, party, lunch, coffee, etc. If so, how do we determine the way and means to reciprocate?

I would really like to hear your story, failure or success. What you did, how it worked? How you have adjusted? How you just chopped Etiquette up to firewood? Or, do you have a chair without a guest?