4 thoughts on “Pray for Peace

  1. Just look at the promise we have when we pray as we are instructed. It seems today in the eye and ear of war beat or attacks as news each moment of the day report this prayer becomes more relevant in my prayer journal. I hope yours as well.

  2. Even as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for peace within her walls and prosperity within her tabernacles and palaces….we also pray for the land that is “beyond the rivers of Ethiopia as described in Isaiah 18. Some believe that it is the land of America that Isaiah is prophesying over, a land first settled by “a people tall and polished, terrible from their beginnings (Native Americans) and becoming a nation strong and victorious…” That we must devote ourselves to interceding for our nation, also, besides the nations of the world in that God would have mercy and compassion on us as we confess our sins and beseech the Lord for forgiveness as a nation before the great and terrible day of the Lord.

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