Prayer for my day;

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14 KJ)
When I was a young child in a Methodist Church, The Reverend Smith, the most wonderful reverend that ever walked the earth in my eyeswould give his benediction after each and every service. His arms outstretched in benediction as he lifted his hands to God and his congregation and prayed the above words the Psalmist prayed.
Each day these words of blessings and prayer embrace me like warmth from a wood-burning stove when a chill is in the Fall and Winter air.
When the meditation of my heart drifts like driftwood among waves of the ocean shores and my words are like raw meat without heat. I walk close to this warmth of Reverend Smith’s words of blessings and I silence my tongue. I am reminded of the words recorded by James in the Holy Bible;

 ”…the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself.” (James 3:6 NLT)
We so often check our waist-lines, our calorie-intake, our walking-metrics, count the wrinkles on our face and neck while letting the tongue wage with idle words flying smoother than a kite in the wind of soon coming hurricane.
Count our Words for good or for evil, for life or death, and frame them in the benediction of Reverend Smith is just a bit uncomfortable for some of us. Yet, they carry more power weight in the Eternal than waist-line, calorie-intake or face in wrinkles. One might say; really! Well, I would like to agree with the really’s but I need someone to show me the scriptures to back it up. OK, glutton, yes, living godly, yes, body the temple of God, yes. I get the point to be and live holy in unison of mind, body and spirit. But, that little tongue still rages like a fire out of control way to often. And, not only an earthy fire that destroys all that is in its path but the eternal reward haunts the soul shared by Matthew;

“But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.”  (Matthew 12:36 NIV)
Today, I make it my passion and goal to move close to the warmth of God’s embrace and receive from Holy men and women that God has placed in our lives to afford us the blessing of a Benediction! Will you join me?

14 thoughts on “Prayer for my day;

  1. Yes, I will join you. Reverend Smith’s benediction looks like a bright Gold Standard that we can raise our eyes, heart and words to come in line to.
    Thank you for sharing such an example. It is wonderful to hear of and think on words and guidelines that will bring real wholeness to lives.

  2. I think I did pretty well today on my words! I’m looking for new reminders to help….Because the meditation of the heart sure can trip me up! It’s sure not a system popping a pill of any sorts can help. Unless, maybe one that would put you totally to sleep. That may not work since my dreams might explode and reveal its all. Hey, this is a most interesting subject when one is authentic!

  3. No, I guess the pill popping wouldn’t work since I read above in your quote from James that the tongue is the culprit that corrupts ‘your entire body.’

  4. “the tongue is a flame of fire”, this makes me think of the most recent Jersey Shore fire disaster. One little flame caused a huge destruction……………..just like our tongues can.

  5. Oh what beautiful words from your pastor. Oh Lord work in us to make our words acceptable in your sight. This weekend we were studying the book of James. As I look for my notes I think of the fire of our tongues being bad and the fire of the Holy Spirit being pure and holy bringing life.

    Worldly chatter as mentioned above when bringing forth petitions for those God has given us to pray may smother the flame of the HOLY SPIRIT that may have set hearts aflame and filled many up with God for the coming season. The flame quenched God’s Word from coming forth, leaving many empty. In Beth Moore’s book on James 4.4 When we’ve consciously traded the joys of the Lord for the joys of the world. “Whoever decided to be the world’s friend makes himself God’s enemy.

    Many times in my life and others we have seen how the enemy works in our personal lives. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy. These actions set killing flames to blow our way. Life after life shows the enemies burning touch. The stories begin to sound the same. The tactics of the enemy seem to be repetitive. But the LOVE of God can turn our topsy turvy life of ashes into JOY. May we all use our tongues as a flaming torch set in high places to praise the Lord our healer and redeemer.

    Another issue: May we note in James 2:1 “Do not try to combine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our glory with the worship of men’s social status.” (Oops social media of today or anywhere we hear it.) Beth Moore quotes Dr. C.H. Dodd: “When two sit and there are between them words of the Bible the Shekinah Rest between them.” or God’s presence is between them. Do we engage in discussions wherever we go about God’s word. Are we excited to hear what he says. Words that are helpful for instruction and life giving or do we forget the Bible and add kerosene of worldly words to extinquish the life we may have had for dry bones. Surely words that are not acceptable unto the Lord.

    On a final review of our James weekend study, Beth says Faith and Favortism don’t mix.
    She gave us a little history saying that the King’s favor was shone by his lifting of your head. As Christian’s do we show favortism. I thought oh my who have I neglected to raise a head. Did I choose by my worldly side or did I seek God for a friend Jesus wanted me to meet. How many opportunities did I miss or have I missed? Perhaps we could have kept each other more accountable to the Lord. Perhaps we could have shared more of the word of God. Did I quench the flame of friendship that God wanted ignited.
    If I did my words or lack of words were not acceptable to the Lord.

    Yes Lord may over the coming days may I be a doer of the word as Beth said in the beginning of the study, especially of Psalms 19: 14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer followed by the Lord’s Prayer. As Beth put it, “I’ve got to put my action where my big mouth is.” God may I be reminded daily of these words.

    1. Rena, I say WOW! A group of ladies in Alabama were studing together and learning and sharing life words at the same time another, being me, in Virginia was doing a self directed study on same issues. And, some of us were texting and sharing photos without discussing the lessons. Hum, do you think maybe we were in the deeds list by encouraging one another. This is a deep subject. It’s an extremely high calling to blend faith and deeds together to have and give spiritual life. It sure produces a river of joy when we are on the DEED’s list!

  6. Maybe God knows the answer. I think by Beth Moore’s examples there was great joy, excitement in serving someone in one way or another when done due to God’s urging as He puts people in your direct path.

  7. Rena…absolutely wonderful, the accounts of your weekend of prayer, friendship and fellowship. What God hath wrought! I loved reading about the Scriptural pathways the Lord lead you on for those three days of glory. Seems He spoke each individual heart. And what you have shared with us is soooo right on! Well, for me, anyway!! Jeremiah was right when he obediently prophesied…..”For I know the plans and purposes I have for My people not for harm but to bring you a good outcome” AMEN!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks Rena for sharing our weekend in such a special way. I am the one guilty as charged of texting and sending photos, without the context of lessons learned to you, Sara. This being my first time with this wonderful group of women I would not have spent time on the phone texting or talking more than I did with you. My intention was to share a beautiful time we were having together getting to know each other and bonding in the present moment. Three of us were new to the group. They do this once a year and I believe it to be a wonderful getaway for them from the world, used to get to know each other better. We all come from different directions, don’t all live near each other. Some study and discussions, the Beth Moore DVD’s were good. We met again on Monday evening for two more of them and will be meeting again tomorrow evening for the two remaining.

    After returning home on Sunday afternoon, I then took the time to look at my notes and sit in stillness. By doing so God gave me a beautiful writing for my new spiritual sisters. His verse with the writing was…”But we will continue to devote ourselves steadfastly to prayer
    and the ministry of the Word.” Acts 6:4 (Amplified)

    So like God to have you studying the same thing we were. In fact our lesson in Sunday School this morning was James 3 and doing the best we can to tame this unruly little member….the tongue! I dare say we can all fall short in this endeavor. It sure will be nice to not have to worry about that one day!

    The Lord has given me several new writings this week and one at 4:20 this morning. So God again for our Pastor used the same scripture I had been given with the writing. “…I am come that they might have life,and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10. I just stand in awe of His most amazing grace and Spirit poured out to all of us. He just wants us to be in relationship with Him and with each other.

    I am so very Blessed to have found you beautiful lilies of the valley!

    Have a Blessed week,

      1. Just having some fun with Sara! Stating that I was a wayward student. No I did not do anything during the study time, I am focused and centered at those times. Loved our time together. Spoke with Sara, told her I was laughing when I sent that response. Love all you lilies of the valley.

  9. I am reading a little book by a Messianic Jewish author, entitled “WHEN TO SPEAK UP AND WHEN TO SHUT UP”. Sara was just giving a lesson (well several in the past weeks) concerning knowing when to speak (and what to say) and knowing when to remain quiet. In his little book, Dr. Michael Sedler gives much wisdom as to how we mostly can tell that what we say will be what the Holy Spirit wants us to say at that moment. He says to take a quick moment (like a nano second…my word for it) and check to see the motivation behind what we are going to say.
    I understand from his writing that If you are honest with yourself and with GOD Who knows anyway, and you see selfishness or self-glorification or need for attention or speaking something that is not what is going on at the moment, it is better NOT to speak. In that case it will fare better with us when we stand before the JUDGE of all creation and give an account of every idle word we have said as Sara wrote in this blog opening. At least we will have less to give account for.
    Of course when we are supposed to speak up…as happened to me a couple of weeks ago…when I should have spoken in love but in truth…I declined to speak to a relative about a lifestyle not pleasing to the Lord Jesus. I will be held accountable ( the blood will be on my hands) if I do not AGAIN speak to the situation that may result in that person’s not having a place in Heaven. God forgive me.

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