Our Adopted Socrates

Our Adopted Socrates

Little White Dog by Gary

I wonder if the little fella ever has any fun in life? There he is a little, white, scruffy looking dog. How we got him is a story.

He came to us from a nice family, husband, wife, two kids maybe three the youngest a baby. He was too much for them. The kids loved him, he was a lot of fun for them. But mommy and daddy, well he was too much for mommy and daddy. Somebody had to walk him, the yard wasn’t fenced, and he had to be walked. Then he had to go to the vet, a lot. Expensive to take him to the vet. Yet the fellow had to have help. He was always scratching, itching never stopped scratching himself. He scratched the hair off his legs it hurt him so much.

They were his second family, the first one was just one guy from what I’ve been told. But the dog had to go because the guy had to go to live in another part of the world for work. So he gave the little fella away.

Now, I’ve been told that dogs never forget. That if you are mean to them as a puppy they remember, if you are nice to them as a puppy they remember. I think the little fella remembers being brought home by that guy, loved, cared for, taken for walks, given treats and toys. Then one day for the little fella it was all over. He was picked up, put in a car driven over to another house, dropped off with all the toys and treats and dog stuff. But he wasn’t the only one there. There were kids there, he loved the kids. He played with them. I never witnessed him playing with the kids. But, I know he did, because when he came to us he would bring his toy to us and nudge our leg with it to play tug of war with him and to throw so he could retrieve.

Then the little fella’s world with the father, mother and three kids came to a crashing stop, he was put in a car again with all the dog stuff, food, toys, leash, bed, blanket, pills, and treats and he came to us. I think when we got him, he remembered being given away the first time, and I think he was thinking, “not again”. I think it made him nervous and have a rash and scratch and itch and dig his skin. I think he was in awful pain. He’s getting over that now with a lot of help from the vet and getting him to take a bunch of pills. Maybe he will settle in. He’s never done anything like have a “mistake” in the house. But I think in his mind he wonders, “how long will this last? Will I get sent away again?”

It must be awful to have thoughts like that.
I think I’ll try to help the little fella have a little fun in life.

13 thoughts on “Our Adopted Socrates

  1. Gary, your account of little Socrates’ lot in life almost brought me to tears. But I know with all my heart that he will be loved and cared for to the nth degree in your household. There is, there, the ‘spirit of adoption’…. sort of somewhat like how the Father has taken us, scruffy, allergic, diseased, confused, unsure. through the blood of Jesus…. accepted us and adopted us into His Family. And what a Family!. What comfort! What joy! Healing of our diseases (sin); being loved beyond compare. Yes, your story of little Socrates brings these truths to light in a new, fresh way.
    I am sure that the other families that had little Socrates were good to him. But the Lord has saved the best for last for this precious little guy. Welcome to the family, Socs!

  2. We are just so happy with the new addition to our family. We just hope we can love him enough and provide all he needs. We have now taken him on three different trips where we stayed overnight with him. Introduced him to new friends. New Vet and new groomer. He seems to have adjusted and seems to so love us and we him.
    Socrates you are a joy! And, Lily, our Sheltie, Roxy, our pug and Ranger our buddy is just crazy about you as well! Thanks for coming to us!

  3. What a lovely photo of Socrates with a sweet expression and very touching to read Gary’s account. I pray Socrates will be able to ‘settle in’ and enjoy his new family with good health and a joyful, contented heart. Many blessings to him and his adoption family.

  4. Pets are such a vital part of our families. Just today, my niece, Linda, was heartbroken that the Vets couldn’t do anything to save her kitten. She was driving over an hour to help her elderly parents without kitten and she felt lost. Just heartbroken.

    Another niece, Kristen, asked me today to pray for her brave Dad that had to send their companion, Boo, to heaven to relieve him of his pain. Boo had been their constant companion for 12 years.

    Pets are helpers sent to help us in ways we don’t even understand, I believe. I am very thankful for all our family doggies. Lily, Roxy and Ranger as well as our special Socrates.

    As well as honorable mentions, Rusty, Diamond and Shadow!

  5. When I awake and look into the eyes of my pets I am taught lessons only they are able to teach. My reaction to them shows my character in mighty big ways.

    ◄ Colossians 1:16 ► NLT “…for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see–such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world. Everything was created through him and for him.”
    Awe, so many lessons to learn thought God’s creation….

  6. Oh I hope JD, my pug, will be able to meet Socrates one day. When I first got JD who fit in one hand, I wondered what all this little bundle would experience with me. He has seen me through many a valley in his short time. I don’t know what in the world I would have done without him. He is a guardian of me. He has to be by my side all the time. If I have a headache its pretty amazing he will lay on my head. If my back hurts he will lay on my back. Otherwise he will sit so snug against me you wouldn’t believe it. He like the kitten above as he is my traveling companion wherever I go. He loves the once in a while treat when traveling of only a two chicken nuggets. He forces me to take it a little slower and enjoy a bouncy walk at a rest area. If I leave the car, he places his two front paws on the dashboard and looks back and forth until I reappear. If I want to sleep in he takes his paw and reminds me its time to rise and shine and off we go for another walk that he bounces along the path as if it were new for him with such excitement I have to almost run to keep up or hold unto the leash. If JOY is a word for him it is seen in his walk and focused attention on his master. I’m so grateful that God gave me this jewel of a dog. He also loves people and greets everyone he meets with a most friendly excitement. He loves his toys just as much. Praise God for making pets for each of us. It is heartbreak to see one go as the ties are so so strong as the relationship was built in life’s journey.
    Socrates you have great home now. Hope to see you in the future.

    1. JD is a friend and companion that could only have been designed by the Creator’s hand. He was purposed for such a time as this. Little healer he is. I just love his story!

  7. In a much less happier time before I met the Lord Jesus Christ I had a precious thoroughbred red-headed Pekingese named Mai Thai. He was a gorgeous specimen, loving, patient, forgiving…much kinder than his mistress. He was loyal and jolly, always bouncing along when he saw me. But I was much too busy to pay him much mind. It was a sad time in my life and that little guy was a saint. He struggled through my struggles with me even though I did not pay him much attention, having several jobs at one time, trying to keep my life together. Fortunately, for Mai Thai, an in-law took him in and he spent the rest of his precious days, in a loving, peaceful household.
    As I read the stories of these precious pets, I think of that little guy. I ask God to forgive me for my neglect of him. He was perfect in his obedience; loving in his demeanor and most forgiving. I guess he was like a canine Elijah, showing me the way that one day soon I would discover for myself. Unselfishness and unconditional love…which I found in Christ Jesus. Now a lump in my throat for Mai Thai…I hope to see my little Peke in heaven, one day.

    1. Mai Thai’s life still speaks. He sounds like he knew the teachings of Jesus. Showing love and devotion even when we were not in wholeness to return His love. Seems like a little puppy is born with wisdom while people seem to have to search to find it.

  8. Yes….Mai Thai was a much better “man” than I. God teaches us so many things if we will but acknowledge that once we have received the Lord there is not one single thing that occurs in our lives that does not teach us the lessons of wisdom, understanding and love.

  9. I agree that our pets teach us many things. Our family bulldogs do much more for us than I believe we do for them. In addition to providing comfort, joy and companionship, they have opened lines of communication in my family where before there just wasn’t much to agree to converse about. And who else unconditionally shows love by greeting you at the door with a happy wagging tail and excited smile.

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