Poinsettias for Sale

Deborah Chaves, Teacher, says;
What would Christmas be without a beautiful poinsettia plant? So many colors and varieties are available today to choose from but red is still the favorite. There’s something almost magical about poinsettias. Taking care of a greenhouse full of them at Monroe Technology Center in Leesburg, Virginia beginning in August, I am always in awe of the transformation they go through. They start as a tender green plant and then get brutally cutback in early September, leaving an ugly stump and a few leaves behind wondering how to possibly recover from this set back. But within weeks the plants are growing new leaves and by the end of October those green leaves (now called bracts) are undergoing a color change. Red is slowly creeping in and by Thanks giving I am feeling very thankful that almost 50% of the plant is now red and a small yellow flower is starting to burst forth in the center. Yes, Christmas is on the way! Those red bracts remind me that the blood of Christ was shed for all the sins of the whole world and the yellow flower assures me that He truly is the Light of the world. The poinsettia has done its work to symbolize this amazing Truth as plant by plant they leave the greenhouse and make their way into homes, offices, events and churches.
At this year’s Monroe Technology Center Christmas Plant Sale there will be other plant reminders of the gift of Christmas. To me, fresh evergreens and garland speak of the promise of eternal life we have with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Wreaths can symbolize unbroken fellowship with Him and with His family. Bows decorate and adorn, speaking of the beauty of the season, along with other blooming plants. And on and on the symbols go…
If you are in the Leesburg area, I invite you to visit Monroe Technology Center and purchase many items, taking lovely reminders of Christmas with you.
December 4: 10-6pm, December 5: 10-5pm, December 5: 10-4pm