I, Rena Oynes, a Christian, recently went through a divorce after 35 years of marriage. The pain was beyond what one might imagine. Many people had or have no compassion or understanding. Hopefully, if another is going through this suffering my walk by sharing my raw feelings might help to lighten your load.

Were you there when I came bounding out of teaching a wonderful Sunday School Class of third graders to be told by a gentleman that my husband was all over the paper and it wasn’t good?

 Were you there when I had to consult a counselor because the language I heard I could not understand why it was being used on me and my friends?
 Were you there when  a call that tickled him made me cringe from it vulgarness?
 Were you there when I called a counseling group and they told me to plan a secure route to escape my home and to keep at all times clothing for two to three weeks in my trunk?
 Were you there when I packed my lap top every time with me as I was afraid some vulgar site might be put on my laptop?
 Were you there when I was asked to take in six weeks of AAA and Alanon to have an understanding of what was happening to me and him?
Were you there when I got so mad about going that I speeded through a residential area early and got pulled over by a police officer for speeding?  When I told him I was late for AAA his ears certainly perked up but he somehow believed me and I did not have to toe the line.
Were you with me lonely night after lonely night replaying my part in it.  Was I the Christian who over looked, didn’t confront sin when I saw it first happen.  Had I shaded it or covered it to make it not seem like sin.  Now look at me.   I was WRONG. I’m a total mess – shaking – crying!  Yes my fault!
Were you there when I later discovered the man I had married was in something dark and deep that effected me?
Were you there when to my surprise my children knew it all along?
Were you there when my children let me stand alone without a call of comfort or a prayer?
Were you there when I got the final e-mail saying you are a beautiful Christian lady but I want nothing to do with you?
 Did you weep with me?  Or leave me standing alone?  God was beside me all along and my church wept with me.   Perhaps you have a friend in a similar situation.

Are you weeping with them? Rena