5 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. To me this means that Jesus Christ the Son of God Who is God forever, set His face like a flint. Knowing the consequences of offering Himself up as the Passover Lamb and horrendous slaying that would tear up His body, strike into His heart with a sword, lacerate His back, allow the sputum of hatred to be spit upon His face and the talons of a crown to pierce His head…yet…He went anyway, to the Cross.
    Most of all He KNEW that He would have to take every sin ever committed and ever TO BE committed upon Himself. And He knew the Father in Heaven would have to turn away from Him because He was my sin and every sin I would ever commit; every sin anyone had or would ever commit. Horror! Jesus knew all this from before the beginning of time; He knew it on the THURSDAY the day before HIS DAY of martyrdom! Still, He went. He did it! For the joy set before Him because of His obedience to the Father He went to the Cross even though on Thursday He could have turned back.
    Hosanna in the Highest!

  2. “What does this mean to you?”
    The picture itself says so much…the sun is about to set on Jesus life on this earth and the next day He, though sinless and pure as gold, faced the fires of hell for me a sinner. That was a gift that will never be matched.

  3. I heard it said that it wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross. It was his LOVE for the sinner and desire to be the bridge between us the sinner and His Father the HOLY ALMIGHTY GOD. His OBEDIENCE cost horrendous suffering of which HE would not take one thing to lessen it. He who knew NO sin and no separation from the Father from the beginning of time walked to the cross not complaining or speaking one word of complaint holding on to God until the time as Debi says the sins of the world were laid upon Him.
    Oh Jesus precious are YOU our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You are the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon who came among the thorns/sinners of this life and have brought redemption to all that place their trust and faith in YOU. Your blood has clothed us anew. Your have given unto us a new Song to sing. Jesus is Lord, Lord of all.
    The Bible tells of YOUR greatness from Genesis to Revelation.

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