Do you look for and expect surprises daily? I try to. I found one this am and it was a great epiphany for me.

Recently, I have been dealing with left knee pain. I had it checked and x-ray said, no cartilage! Oh, yes, I have a new focus now. I am having to babysit my knee. It’s been like this for a few months. Needless to say, kneeling must be a big problem for ones like me with a hurting knee. So, no kneeling have I done. Although, every once in awhile I felt like deep inside I wanted to kneel and pray but, my prayer ended up being about my knee.

This morning I was slowly painting my face with makeup when it occurred to me I wanted to pray ‘saving faith and saving grace’ for someone(s) I knew. I really wanted to kneel because I felt pain for them beyond my knee. I took off and threw myself down next to my bed. It was a cloud! The best kneeling ever. When I finished I looked down and my down comforter had fallen to the floor to catch me and my knee. I didn’t want to leave. What comfort for my knee. But, most importantly, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit moving with even more comfort to those that I felt to take my little nothing cosmetic time and my babysitting job and kneel and pray to meet a power beyond my imagination. I had an epiphany!

Look for and expect daily epiphanies! Yes, moments of sudden revelation or insight.