9 thoughts on “Share in Prayer

  1. This scripture seems to be a complement and tutorial to “Pray without ceasing, giving thanks for everything in every circumstance for this is the will of God concerning you.” I guess if one were wondering how in the world could he/she pray constantly, without ceasing as Paul instructs in 1Thessalonians 5:8-19, the above Scripture gives the list of things to be thankful for and to continually pray for in the Spirit and with the understanding. To pray for all the saints of the church…not just our own members but the global Body of Christ But then…the admonition “to watch” is something I hadn’t noted when I have read this Scripture before. To Watch!! To Watch. What does he mean, exactly, Sara?….” to watch”?

    1. I would think “watch” means a plethora of things in this context. One thing that comes to my mind is to be aware of the conditions of saints throughout the world when possible. “Don’t stick your hard in the mud.” Don’t be so self focused you only pray for yourself and little family. I am watching with vigor over 2,000 saints in the nation of Iraq that knows not what will be moment by moment with war drums beating in city after city. Many news articles on this as well as this one…http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/06/16/iraqi-christians-flee-homes-amid-islamic-militant-rampage/

      I am watching but am I praying?

  2. Thank you for sharing these articles,Sara and bringing tour attention that Iraqi Christians really need urgent and constant prayers.

      1. Thank you, Sara, for a timely list of prayer-watches. We pray for those persecuted for Christ’s Name…we pray that the Lord will protect and strengthen their faith; that their faith will not fail in times of persecution and threat of death.
        Oh God, that none of Yours anywhere on this globe, no one’s faith will fail when persecution arises against the Name of Christ.

  3. As I read and pondered this quote from a devotional book I was made so aware how it is the doves of prayer. I had the fresh rewarding moments of this season to observe a making of a doves nest to the release of baby doves in my yard. Oh the wonder of it all. Prayer, watch and Pray with perseverance for saints everywhere. In my sight Hope is the Doves of prayer:

    “HOPE IS NOT SOME KIND of delusional optimism to be resorted to because we simply cannot face the hard facts that threaten to swamp our hearts. People do die and leave us. Friends do leave and desert us. Businesses do crumble and destroy us financially. Loves do dry up and disappear. Desires do come to dust. Careers do come to ruin. Disease does debilitate us. Evil does exist. But through it all, hope remains, nevertheless, a choice.

    Hope rides on the decision either to believe that God stands on this dark road waiting to walk with us toward new light again or to despair of the fact that God who is faithful is eternally faithful and will sustain us in our darkness one more time. We can begin to build a new life when death comes. We can reach out to make friends with others rather than curl up, hurt and angry, waiting for someone to come to us. We can allow ourselves to love again, knowing now that love is a prize that comes in many shapes and forms. … We can decide to go through life with open hands rather than to trap ourselves inside a heart closed to everything but the past.” – Hope

  4. Wow! Encouraging and freeing. “Reaching out to make friends with others rather than curling up within ourselves…” I guess, sort of demanding that God avenge us…and hanging out waiting, waiting, waiting for another to act; missing opportunity after opportunity to
    create new relationships and be able to inspire others by your testimony of overcoming victory.

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