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  1. It seems that not only did she have “great faith” so that Jesus would grant her her plea but she also had great humility. She did not think more highly of herself when she put herself on a par with the “dogs” in Jesus’ response to her. She equated herself with the ‘little pups’ who sit at their master’s feet under the table waiting for the scraps that fall. Wow, What humility! If someone had called me a dog I would have bristled with pride…..

    To me it seems to relate to our Sunday School lesson this morning when the teacher opened the class with, “Why do I think I am better than you?” Oh whoa! Many things racing through the minds of the students as we sat there & listened.
    I asked myself, do I think it normal for another to be afflicted but not me! Do I have pity and compassion to a degree as long as it’s not me? Do I have a pity party because of a “hangnail” as the teacher put it while others are suffering terrible debilitation, afflictions, tragedies? Oh Lord. Just who do I think I am?
    And, do I have enough faith to believe strongly with and for my brother and sister in Christ that Jesus is their Healer when they are in a weak and vulnerable situation and yet my faith walk leaves a lot to be desired? Who’ll believe me?
    That little Canaanite woman had the faith and Jesus healed her daughter.

      1. Yes, ultra-perceptive laser beam of the Holy Spirit is pointing out, revealing, uncovering, and convicting of sins of omission, commission and the sin that so easily beset us. [me].
        Lot of work, here!

  2. One thing that stands out to me in this scripture is that the woman had to take steps to show or grow her faith…decide to come to Jesus for help despite who she was; then physically go see Him; and probably be prepared to do what He told her to do in order to get the healing and deliverence for her daughter.
    A sermon I heard yesterday spoke of six ‘phases’ of faith beginning with a dream; then a decision; a delay (doubt, despair, impatience); difficulties; a dead end; and (finally) deliverance.

    1. Debi
      Wow, that’s practically it in a nutshell.
      I think of other events in Jesus’ healing ministry where those who followed similar steps that Debi pointed out received healing and deliverance.

      Almost in a parallel to the first example we find a similar pattern in John 4:43-64. Because the royal official’s son was on the brink of death the father was desperate and hearing that Jesus was in town he made a decision to find Him.
      And when he did he entreated and begged and pleaded with Jesus to come and heal his son…just like the Canaanite mother did for her child.
      Then Jesus rebuked them saying that they all would not believe unless they saw signs & wonders. [delay] But the man persisted and kept begging Jesus to come heal his son or else the little boy would die. [ despair, impatience] The man’s persistence and entreaty paid off. Jesus said…”Go! Your son lives”!! The man believed and went home. [obedience] His son was alive and healed. [deliverance]

  3. I find when facing the challenge of increased faith in oneself, or a family member, as I am doing now, it calls for more than buckets of water slashed upon heads. Fund raising is a good thing as well as bringing awareness. Money for causes to look for cure rings true.

    Looking to find instant healing seems to dangle in words poured forth without the goods as at times we want to imitate Jesus of Nazareth. Regardless, of her faith, Jesus put a light to the woman’s match stick and faith with instant healing pursued.

    Wonder how many times in each day I find opportunity to ignite another’s light and only light up for my pleasure of proving I know a scripture or a silly show off that I can find on my Ipad? What value is there in writing golden words from an old book if they are not set in silver settings?

    As I think, write and ponder this weeks challenge from this verse maybe it calks for a few buckets of cold ice water poured over the head if it would increase faith to run the race that is set before me!

    Musing at times might serve as ice to reduce the swelling called pride. May I have eyes to see, ears to hear and words to speak that might at least sooth the pain as the Healer draws near.

    1. You got that right, Sara. Lots & lots of work. Some of us need much more than others. Thank God that He diligently keeps pointing out and revealing and convicting until we “get it”. {mostly}

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