This morning I was listening to a lecture on BBN Bible Institute on Balaam/Special Bible Characters. As a Sunday School teacher (of young children) I had remembered God’s warning to Balaam and the donkey speaking. In other words I did not remember much. I learned that Balaam was a preacher/a fine one who was a Gentile prophet. Balaam had two major problems that he clung onto and that was a LOVE of MONEY and a HEART of LUST. These were his two LOVES. (The two seem to be with us even today.) The Moab King , Balak, asked him to come preach and forbade him to speak of Israelites or future of the Israelite Nation. He would be given a large sum of MONEY. OMG was Balaam excited. He was determined to adhere to Balak’s demands of what not to preach BUT God would not allow Balaam’s tongue to say anything but what HE wanted to the KING to hear. Balaam felt OMG I’m going to lose the MONEY from Balak because I spoke what he forbade me not too. He thought I can not curse Israel because God forbade it. Balak at this point was madder than hell. Balaam instead of walking away and saying forget the money, I will walk with the Lord, he thought I know how to get the King to corrupt the nation. Balaam didn’t love God or God’s people. He loved the wages of unrighteousness. He did something that was totally against God and showed where his heart was. He suggested to the king if you cannot curse a nation which is blessed by God, then may I suggest they be judged. Sir he said, entangle the men with the women of Moab. Balaam picked up his money. He had sinned willfully after preaching the WORD of God because of his LOVE for the unrighteous. Balaam’s choice led to grave, grave peril – death – eternal life without God – hell.

When we think on this we can ask ourselves are we Balaam’s in the church. Do we speak one thing to others and yet cling to the unrighteousness in our lives LOVE OF MONEY, HEART of Lust, addictions, etc. Is Jesus first in our lives and his way of living first? Is our Father God or is our Father Satan – one or the other. Balaam made his choice long ago. What is our choice today? We still have time.  Your friend, Rena