Love in action

Jesus Heals Bartimaeus:
Mark 10:51-52 “…Jesus said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” And the blind man said to Him, “Rabboni, I want to regain my sight!” And Jesus said to him, “Go; your faith has made you well.” Immediately he regained his sight and began following Him on the road.”

” Immediately he (Bartimaeus) regained his sight and began following Him (Jesus) on the road.” As, I pause and think how Jesus is a reactionary in our relationships when we do our part by reacting to Him, I give praise! What do you do?

My praise goes something like this. “It’s all about you, Lord. Not me – but you. Before I get out of bed, I will lift my voice aloud and pray Your Prayer. Hopefully, I will respond to your words in doing my part for love in action to become a reality where my feet are planted today.”

13 thoughts on “Love in action

  1. “Jesus is a reactionary in our relationships when we do our part by reacting to Him…”.
    I was not familiar with the word, reactionary, and had to look it up in order to try to answer, “What do you do?”:
    I remind myself that He says His ways are not my ways; then I try to say Yes to what He wants me to do; I want to react with gratitude to Him as ruler.

    1. ….continue on with Debi’s comment “ruler”…. savior, messiah, priest, judge, king, and friend among many other names….whoa can’t imagine why we would want to do it our way…one though refreshes the pages of my mind, “Less I forget Gethsemane.” My prayer, “Free us from the snares of darkness that drive us away from you,that we may entrust ourselves to your love. In the confidence of your love, we march toward Bethlehem…”

      I have a question? What is the spiritual difference between Gethsemane and Bethlehem?

      “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”
      Mark 13:31, NRSV

      1. What was the difference between Bethlehem and Gethsemane? The first things that rose up in my soul…..were: nothing….and… you can’t have one without the other. Just sayin’

      2. “I have a question? What is the spiritual difference between Gethsemane and Bethlehem?”
        Though God Himself came and lived on earth in the constraints of a human body as Jesus our Savior beginning in Bethlehem’s manger where angels sang; and agonizing in Gethsemane where an angel strengthened Him for His ultimate sacrifice on the cross…could there be a spiritual difference found in John 1?
        It says that John witnessed a particular spiritual event. The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus from heaven like a dove and then remained on Him. From that point on Jesus ‘baptizes with the Holy Spirit.”

  2. On, I found many seemingly contradictory definitions of ‘reactionary’….some of which did NOT at all seem to pertain to the Person and/or Character of Jesus Christ.
    But considering the narrative of Blind Bartemaeus and what Jesus performed in that incident I found….scrolling down quite a bit….this definition; “Agitator”
    Applying that adjective in the positive sense it seems that Jesus did ‘agitate’ the status quo of Bartemaeus. The lesson seems to me is that Jesus also agitated Bartemaeus’ attitude and outlook by asking him to voice his request, clearly and simply. It seems the blindman’s complete NEED and complete Trust that Jesus could do this is what Jesus meant when He said that, ’his faith had made him whole.’
    This is what I hope to receive from this Bible story; that ..first of all, Jesus can and will ‘agitate’ the status quo of my ‘condition’. And complete trust and reverence is key to receiving my healing.
    Blind Baremaeus, as far as the Bible Scriptures say, did not have salve or eye doctors or surgeons or medications. He had JESUS. And Jesus healed him.
    So, your prayer Sara, “it’s all about You Lord, not about me” is true. That’s what Bartemaeus had….just Jesus and with Jesus, he had EVERYTHING!

    1. The more I read, study and think on this story I am found lacking in action. Look at the interaction….called, take off, went, saw, walked…..lot going on to hold to the views of Jesus. : reactionary in this sense might get some action…..”very determined or loyal ; especially : very loyal to a set of beliefs and not willing to change those beliefs….”

      I hear a lot of talk including my own about Jesus, prayer, answered prayer but most often it seems to go outside my definition of reactionary being,,,”very determined or loyal ; especially : very loyal to a set of beliefs and not willing to change those beliefs….” The talk I hear goes more to the Sarah-Hagaar story. Do it my way and in my timing. My money can buy a way, Doctors, etc. all good. But, I am interested in just how Jesus and Bartimaeus had this reactionary relationship! Maybe I’m just to simplistic in my thinking. It sounds like romantic love to me! Which leads me back to the title if blog. Love in action.

  3. Today, after Sunday School Bible study, I spoke briefly with a lovely woman in our class who was quite excited because our lesson today encouraged us to thank God for the giftings that He has bestowed on us. She was so delighted to discover that. She went on to tell me that she LOVES people. She just cares about them. She loves to visit the sick and read to them or read a Scripture with them or just sit with them.
    She had said, in our class, that just saying ‘hello’ to a nursing home patient can ‘make that person’s day’ as the patient expressed it to her when she visited the ‘home’. She went on to say, ” I love going to the nursing homes and to visit at the hospital. I just love people and want to hug them and shake hands with them and talk with them. I have always loved people but I never realized that it was truly a gift from God.” She was literally gushing with joy!
    This precious woman has Koininea in her herat, for sure. She does go and do and
    speak and hug and touch and encourage and comfort. She lives an exhilarating life.
    I believe hers is ‘joy unspeakable and full of glory!’ What an good example of Christ-likeness she is for us to examine the fruit of that kind of going forth and giving forth.

    1. MG, Maybe the reader to the shut in you mentioned would like to be introduced to this page of interaction. She could read the blogs and comments to her listeners and maybe have them respond. If she has smart phone or other devices she could do as she reads. One lady told me she makes copies and calls it a letter and shares in group. Or, they may be able to hand write their response and then you or someone could type for them. Yes, a wonderful ministry to share love in action.

      I always believe when one shares a story and their life with us it is a God thing inviting us to join in ministry in some way. The Holy Spirit uses our talents in new exciting ways when heart’s door swings on hinges. Jesus said, “I Am a door” for ones to enter in. If we want to be like Him we need to be a swinging door for others to enter in to share in our gift. This blog is a door and window to such beauty to share and act, interact and enter into a reactionary relationship with the One that holds the key to the door of answers for all the enigmas that might come our way.

      I am so thankful for my giftings and join in with the lady that shared with MG a song of praise that I can DAILY write, read and interact with many others from the comfort of home, restaurants, or wherever I go the blogs found here on the daily lily. I never, ever even dreamed how widely our words of Jesus could spread so vastly from our homes, etc.

      Christmas Joy is mine as I decorate my tree in words of the Messiash from TheDailyLily blog! The best decorated tree I have ever seen. And, just think it has deep ancient wisdom roots from the root of Jesse. See Isaiah 11…

  4. That is a reactionary suggestion, Sara!! I pray to recognize the opportunity do that at our next encounter and introduce her to This will be a joyous endeavor!

    1. I agree MG…when we share something of ourselves with those that share with us its makes life seem like a ball with adjusted air. One way sharing makes the receiver so often seem like a ball with leaks of air. When the ball not adjusted no court or field play. Team without a ball and no play. Sure no fun in that!

  5. Your remark brought up a scenario of someone coming to share their ”toys’ [tools] with a friend and the ‘friend’ just sends them away. No engagement. That phrase quoted, sometimes, ”So I’m taking my toys and going home”

    1. Would that be called ugly pride. I think of the scripture song some of us so often have sung, He gave me beauty for ashes…..the words come from isaiah 61:3 NIV
      “and …- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord.”

      Just imagine the contrast of Bride or Whore? Oaks of Righteousness in bridal gowns or wearing robes of despair.! Wearing crowns of beauty or marked with ashes to denote despair which shows pride. No oil for joy so sit alone and mourn.

      It’s looking like “takes toys and go home” as MG mentioned, flat balls as I storied, as well as other thoughts all come out to the wrong kind of love? Sure not love in action from the interaction Jesus had with the blind man.

      I John 3:18 “… Let us show the truth by our actions.”

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