13 thoughts on “Ooops

  1. Q: True…now in order to operate as salt n’ light in the world how do we reflect a pure heart [or not] that God sees so clearly in the Spirit, to a dark world that can only see what is on the outside?
    A: Through what comes out of our mouths. Dead give-away every time.

    1. MG, should we consider James 3, in light of your question and answer here? I want to be salt and light and reflect this pure heart, but it’s difficult sometimes.

      1. That is right on, TH. James said our tongues are small but can create a huge forest fire with one little spark…a wrong word [or more than one] as in a multitude of words there is error.
        When one is depressed they are said to have a case of the blahs! But when a person[s] is wounded by another’s words, often it’s a case of the blah, blah, blahs!

  2. Words can be smooth and charming while another intention is in the heart. At least that is what Psalm 55:21 says. I guess if deception were so easy to detect some relationship pitfalls could be avoided.

    1. Debi, if one could detect that someone is getting ready to deceive us, would it be an obligation to confront them before they do so? If so, would the confrontation keep this “relationship pitfalls from happening”?

      1. Tammy, I would hope that if I can see deception and know the truth that I could help bring Light to the situation through prayer or speaking or seeking others help.

  3. Do I even take time to look at another’s heart when they are willing to share? Or, am I to busy looking at new hair do, clothes, jewelry, new wheels, etc. Or having instant turn off because they are not what I’m looking for. Too old, sick, skinny, fat or other? Do I take time to get to know one that doesn’t fit in what I perceive to be my world or time frame. Wonder how much wisdom or an open door opportunity or a highly favored seat I have missed that God sent to me as an answered prayer while I failed to see/hear the heart of another.

      1. I must say Debi’s words sounds like a cop out to me when the word prayer entered the circle. Not sure I get this but I guess I can keep watch how Debi and others are doing it.

      1. I see your point, Sara. Just prayer and no action to confront would be a ‘cop-out’. Confront is action.

  4. “And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.” John 3:14-15, NRSV

    I keep thinking am I showing this in or from my heart? This viewing stand is a little troublesome to the thinking.

  5. The Son of Man was lifted up on an old rugged Cross. And we have believed in Him. For those who gazed upon the serpent on a pole in the wilderness, representing the sins of the people then were healed. Now, by the stripes that Jesus suffered for our sins thousands of years after that Moses’ incident has been fulfilled.We must have the faith to believe it.
    This is heart and not just head/lips belief.

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