Journal Review Note

I was reviewing my prayers and thoughts from one year ago and found these words I recorded from my soul on May 21, 2014 just over one year ago.

“At times, so very often, we want to make friends with the letting go.”

I sure needed to reread my own written words.

7 thoughts on “Journal Review Note

  1. Thinking on my old thought friends of the letting go…did you get it?….still thinking and giving the “let go” set a front row seat in my mind. I read a quote that knocked them a few rows back. “if you can’t change the circumstances change your perspective.” Unknown

    Wonder why the mind runs to the “letting go” rather than the new vision? The thought writer, “change your perspective” must have seen a little light creep through a crevice from a friend, stranger, word spoken, sung or written.” Maybe a scene. Hopefully, enough light to not just curve and circle again.

  2. “Thinking on my old thought friends of the letting go…did you get it?”

    I have had to really think about it, so not sure I did. What I thought was that it was a negative thing; that making friends with a good thing (letting go) may mean that I play/hang around with letting go but never really do it.
    What you wrote “Wonder why the mind runs to the “letting go” rather than the new vision? A thought: If letting go is friendly, then maybe it is familiar and familiar can be more comfortable to the flesh than breaking into new (unfamiliar) territory which takes breaking out of a comfort zone.

  3. Haha! Sara, you got it that I DIDN’T get it! So now between yours & Debi’s comments I am slowly [oh, so s-l-o-w-l-y] seeing what you might be possibly saying about how ”letting go” might be connected to or unconnected to] making new friends. Notice I am progressing very stealthily around this whole theme…..
    Do I have to let go completely of my bound in a box way of thinking to grasp a new vision and maybe more exciting vision of someone else’s perspective? Can I marry up the two? Do I have to let go of one to embrace the other or maybe they can co-exist on a new plane?
    But you know what? Jesus wants us to see things from His perspective. So therefore……
    You’re right. I don’t get it!

  4. Hum. I had let people, places and things go about a year ago and seemly forgot over the year (my excuse) and crawled back from time to time to befriend the person, place or thing. Sometimes in thought only which was a mistake.

  5. Maybe a FB post from Edenton NC might shed some light here…”
    Steven Byrum writes; “When the past calls, let it go to voicemail, it has nothing new to say…”

  6. Between what you wrote, Sara, and what Steven Byrum wrote, it seems clear and good advise to follow.

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