Ada Patrick Craddock (10-26-1904-5-16-1971) wrote the words of this song and had it put to music. This is one among many along with much poetry. She was published. She wrote this song in 1937. Much of her writings were expressed through years of economic sufferings which were felt throughout the world. The Great Depression was coming to an end and WW11 was looming on the minds and hearts of young and old alike. It was the year her son James was born and he being her 8th child. She would have four more of which I was one. She had lost her first born son to childhood disease. And would lose her beloved namesake a year later in the same way.
She remained peaceful and joyful by her strong faith which became even stronger when she became a young widow with 5 of those 12 children yet to rear.
Sara, her daughter reading the words as friend MG plays piano hoping to show what was in the heart of Ada on that day.