Ada’s story

Ada Patrick Craddock (10-26-1904-5-16-1971) wrote the words of this song and had it put to music. This is one among many along with much poetry. She was published. She wrote this song in 1937. Much of her writings were expressed through years of economic sufferings which were felt throughout the world. The Great Depression was coming to an end and WW11 was looming on the minds and hearts of young and old alike. It was the year her son James was born and he being her 8th child. She would have four more of which I was one. She had lost her first born son to childhood disease. And would lose her beloved namesake a year later in the same way.
She remained peaceful and joyful by her strong faith which became even stronger when she became a young widow with 5 of those 12 children yet to rear.
Sara, her daughter reading the words as friend MG plays piano hoping to show what was in the heart of Ada on that day.

17 thoughts on “Ada’s story

  1. What a touching story of Ada Patrick Craddock. The moving words of her song read by Sara and her beautiful music played by MG are such an inspiration as well as the beautiful picture (Hawaii sunset by Chris&Tammy Mar). And this video that Chris Mar recorded and produced for our ministry. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Very nice.
    Well-spoken, with well-matched music and appropriately timed music fill-ins and vocal crescendo. The production seemed professional. And the sentiment was sweet, reverent, and entirely accessible. How
    much more helpful in imagining Heaven it is to think of it as a city, an image with which we are all familiar?
    Thank you for sending it to me. I have to save it where I can play it again…. and again.
    And, it also sounds like MG still scampers around the old 88 pretty darn well!

    (You probably weren’t asking for a critique, but I was impressed and I thought I’d tell you why..)

  3. Aweeee! I do so love our Phil! He is so dear to pause in his busy life and encourage us. I feel like I just read a review of the opening of a Broadway Show! Being Mother of a son, (Christopher) that recorded and produced for us I’m over the moon. Phil gave him praise and he is our star for stopping by and making us shine.

    I love Phil’s critique as he had a star for each member of the performance. But, beyond our joy of doing and sharing Phil understood the well of the message. Without the message from Revelation, Chapter 21 and 22 being soul planted it would be like unto a Southern Magnolia planted in the long winter freezes of NY!

    A heart of gratitude to Phil!

  4. This truly was a work of the Holy Spirit….rather quite spontaneous the way this came together, really not planned as such, but like Holy Ghost’s ”suddenlies” this sprung up among us. Hard to explain but we know that the plans and purposes of God are waaaay higher than ours and waaaay more creative than ours. Chris Mar, engineer that he is, came in with recording equipment and the rest is amazing how in all, the Lord glorified Himself in the gifts HE gave each one of us. And Ada Patrick’s lyrics have sent people imagining wonderful visions of Heaven and LIBERTY in Christ Jesus. It was touching to hear Sara read her own mother’s artistic words penned in an era past…..which heralds a new revisiting the old Landmarks…..Not removed!!
    Sara wrote in a song….”Let Them All Come to ME”” Yes, Lord Jesus, let them see Heaven….. that SHINING City….let them see Christ Jesus with His million mile eyes. Let them come…Let The City and Jesus Christ be their DESTINY…..
    And I hope there will be more to come of this art form…and we ask for Grace to touch others for Jesus Christ with the talents He has given. To God be the Glory as the waters cover the sea.!!!!

    1. MG, it is almost impossible to imagine the amazing things God has planned for each of us.

      I love Phil’s response as his thoughts incited a conversation between Gary and I on the imagery Ada’s poetic musical words bring to mind. Phil says,

      ‘How much more helpful in imagining Heaven it is to think of it as a city, an image with which we are all familiar?’

    2. Another clear imagery of the new world city of the future is found in Psalm 87. It’s citizens will come from every tongue, tribe, people and nation. Try and color that city! I love how her music is running , flowing waters. The citizens that have access to this city on the mountain know that all their joy comes from God. With a dance we will be in the flow of fountain water. We won’t need to pause and throw a wish coin we will be the singing waters. We will sing vs 7 “All my fountains are in you.” Imagine that!

    1. Tammy, I agree; beautiful! So often when we look around and hear and see rot before our very eyes and ears it fades in comparison to the vision the Apostle John had on the isle of Patmos. Revelation Chapter 21, 22 gives us imagery enough to blot out and stop the rot from infilterating OUR MINDS. This recording gives us an audible tool to block the noise and WORDS of story to turn a storm.

      1. Yes it does Sara, and I love knowing that I can come right here to the lily and listen to the recording as much as I want. Thanks so much for recording and posting this!

      2. Tammy, so fun to be in unison and show our joy, praise and gratitude to The One who made us a part of family and perfect love. πŸŽΌπŸŽˆπŸ™πŸ»πŸ•ŠπŸ˜‡πŸŽ¨βš±πŸŽπŸ‘πŸ»

  5. And ”accessible”…yes! to quote Phil . The scenario the lyrics of the song presents is an imagery which is ”accessible” to all. And it’s True. The crucifixion,death and resurrection with which the Lord Jesus brokered reconciliation between Father God and mankind…. He has made ”THAT CITY”
    ”accessible” to whosoever will!! Thank You Lord Jesus for Your inexpressible gift of Salvation, wholeness and soundness.

  6. Just viewed my National Geographic newsletter with front page words looming in my view. “Glory in the City of Gold…Submitted by Tamas Kolos-Lakatos to our 2016 Travel Photographer of the Year contest, this aerial view of Dubai at daybreak perfectly encapsulates the city, the sand, and a spectacular sunrise.”

    Have you noticed when the Holy Spirit is leading it seems the whole wide world is looking through the same wide lens? Even my daily Psalm just happen to be Psalm 87:1 ON THE city of God! And, the day before as I was working on this heavenly art form I read Psalm 86:16 give me strength and save me because I serve you just as my Mother did. I say WOW! God is a God of many voices. πŸ’ŸπŸ™πŸ»

  7. My Adult SS class at our Baptist church has started an exercise to help us tell stories. I invited our teacher and class to enjoy ”Ada’s story” as written, played and spoken here. It is a blessing to me how all areas in my life are connecting.

    Welcome to my SS class. Join us. Post your comment and thoughts.

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