My Sunday School class  is ready for Fall 2016! Two of my gifted, artistic, giving friends, Ellen and Donna, joined me in painting a 6ft x 8ft wall to welcome  my new class back to SS. And, Ms. Hospitality, Mary, showed up to save the day for us. At our point of shaking  from needing food for strength Mary arrives with food and conversation to encourage us on. Team work WORKS!

Just as we were finishing  our wall painting in Alabama and dedicating our work to the Lord I received this from  a friend, Dot Marie Ruiz” in Charlotte, NC area.
‘Hi there. Wanted to give you a quick update on the ministry that will be starting in my own front yd this month. My Pastor wife has worked to get the Refuge Students from church to come and do drama and plays and a Ice cream and food truck for free will serve the kids every other Friday starting first Friday that school starts. The bus stop is right at my drive way so its a perfect target and all the kids already know me they live in apts across us and we been kinda feeding them anyway most of their parents are dads who are deported dead or either in their live but dont care. Kids the age of 3 yrs old roaming at night that have walked outta the house and on to the road that people call the police about they come but only talk to the parents nothing legally done. Also a prayer walk and watch will be held that Im Involved In. Thk you for prayers

This Is just a start to show love and Jesus hands and feet out here to be the church not just do church then hoping to expand this a little down the line and have our Refuge Students from the church school to carry a little sermon all in my yd …”

THANKS TO ALL THAT JOIN US IN PRAYERS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL CHURCH for children everywhere and every age. And, if you participate in children’s church ministry share with us your creative ideas for 2016.

Love Rena Oynes