Who is Jesus

Each year on December 25 some of us rally in great robust strength and excitement to celebrate the birth of one called Jesus. Who is He?

Do you know Him?  The Prophet Isaiah said that Israel’s God would return in plain sight, and that the whole world would know about it; but nowhere in that exile does anybody say it’s happened. What say you?

Has anyone seen Him?  Does anyone know HIM? Hey, is this him?


9 thoughts on “Who is Jesus

  1. “Has anyone seen Him? Does anyone know HIM? Hey, is this him?”
    His disciples and others saw Him after He was resurrected from the dead.
    I think we may not see Him fully until He returns to earth again, but we see glimpses of Him in others. And I have seen a few people who live fully surrendered to Him and know Him well, that to me, allow the Person of His image and character to shine from them…that same image and character that is described in the Bible about Him.
    He is God, and the Light and Creator of the Universe. No, He is not Santa Clause.

    1. WOW! Debi, you sure gave an epidural💉 of wonderment with that claim of Jesus being earth seen 👀after He was resurrected from the dead. Does that make Jesus the long awaited Messiah?

      1. “Does that make Jesus the long awaited Messiah?”
        One of His Jewish disciples, Peter, recognized Him as the Messiah and Jesus said he was correct and also blessed because God the Father had revealed that to him. Jesus then appeared to Peter after His resurrection from the dead and then to the other twelve disciples and then to over 500 people over a 40 day period. Then in front of his disciples, He rose up from the earth into the sky and disappeared in a cloud. Two nearby men angels said He was coming back the same way He left.
        He sure fulfilled all the prophecies and predictions written and made about the Messiah.

  2. Beautiful story that overwhelms when I try to wrap my mind around it. But, the part that is so encouraging is when Jesus told Peter, “you are blessed because God the Father had revealed that to you.” We can pray for this revelation for ourselves and those for whom we would love to have a revelation of knowing Jesus.

  3. Bible scholars say that over 300 prophecies written in the entire Bible were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelation…the whole of Scripture speaks that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Messiah about Whom Father God spoke in the Garden of Eden.
    How can we know for sure? Men of old wrote in 66 books at different times in different eras and seasons about this ONE that God Spoke about in the Garden…..the One that He would send..the Savior of the world to be born of a woman, a virgin and HE would crush the head of the serpent, satan, and satan would bruise HIS heel. Jesus fulfilled that when He died on the cross at Calvary.
    How can I know this is true? I understand it and believe it and receive as truth …… by Faith!
    Santa Claus is not Jesus. And Jesus is NOT a Santa Claus. But Jesus is the most generous, charitable, magnanimous, Kindly, compassionate, goodly, gentle, forgiving and loving BEING in the universe. That beats out Santa every time!

  4. The book of John gives us a clue if you want to see Jesus. “In the beginning was the Word…. And the Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us; and we gazed upon his glory. “

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