Some years certain things seem to produce better in my garden than others. This year the peppers have been bountiful, particularly the hot ones like jalapeno which my husband chose to be planted since he loves them. But he can only eat so many fresh ones, so I suggested we find a recipe for canning them in jars. Since we also had a couple of other hot varieties as well as mild banana peppers, some jars got a mix rather than just jalapeno. Today’s batch was the second one which yielded around 11 pints. We plan on dressing the jars up with personalized labels and maybe some raffia or ribbon around the lids and giving them as Christmas presents. The recipe was a simple one obtained from online that involved pouring equal parts of simmering wine vinegar (I ran out and used apple cider in a few jars) and water over the cut up peppers packed in hot jars with a clove of garlic and Β½ tsp of pickling salt or spice. Then they were processed in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Seemed like a great way to make use of the garden bounty.