25 thoughts on “Our Second Beatitude

  1. Pretty much did the mourning part, but the comforted? Well, not so much. But, I’m working on it. Could happen…

    1. I understand your sentiments all to well blessedjohnpaul. We here@the lily share this beatitude with you. We seem to be asking all to often “Why-What-How-could I-we etc??? Yes, your family and above even that your special friend, MG, and our church family and friend left us for her eternal home without enough answers it seems. Yet, here we are together with this awesome promise from 🌈The One and Only promise keeper. 🌈

      I like your creative thought, 🙏🏼 “I’m working on it.” We are on a comforting journey it seems, don’t you? I plan to start our new chapter in our study book today and I’m starting with this thought; our life with Jesus is filled with comfort but not always comfortable. I am finding this to be a truth when I’m holding a dark trash bag to discard our friends personal items while mind repeats, she dosent live here anymore. 🙏🏼

  2. The picture at the beginning of the blog is so beautiful and serene. I can hardly stop gazing at it. It seems such a fitting illustration for the second beatitude as well as for the author’s chapter content and title,”Making Sacred Space for Pain, Grief and Anger”. She says on pg 36 that, “Making sacred space for genuine mourning over our wounds is essential within the journey of healthy forgiveness.” Later on pg 42 she tells us that, “Scripture speaks of many such safe, sacred places: green pastures, still waters, strong tables of rock, “in the presence of my enemies” (Psalm 23), mountains, God’s sheltering wings, God’s strong hands, God’s shield around us.”

    1. Yes, Debi, it seems many artist have captured the “Beatitudes” in significant ways as they see in the moment. Stilled as art actually is, yet, it still has a voice. The scared places the writer gives from God’s Word you have listed are beyond art as all those places are beyond artistic skill it so seems. Let’s glimpse into the first, going to a green pasture, the first few monents, sense of smell, eyes of wonder at times water 💦 trying to detect blades of grass with clover blooms leading to a chain reaction to make a chain, or blow a wispy ball. Might find live stock grazing and sounds and smells surely making their way across the pasture competing for the freshness of green grass scent. And, then on to still water, first thing first my reflection sure caused for a pause. A little trash left by a non thinking 🤔 human. Thoughts forgive as a quaint bird 🦅 dips for a fish, bug, or twig that might just be food for a nest.

      As I continue on with the list, sheltering wings giving shade or rest…strong hands… bring gracious attention of warmth and comfort from birth to death.

      What I’m learning from this is a quick glimpse of art should propel me to action in God’s full array of creation that involves the living. 🤦‍♀️🌹 🐠What comes to my mind about now is forever learning 📚 but never coming to an understanding. 2 Timothy 3:7

      1. Thanks Sara for your unique word art. Your phrase “chain reaction to make a chain” sure helps connect the dots from art to your point, “propel me to action”.

      2. Debi, can you name the “action from the propel”? Just a thought, naming a good action might help us with naming an action we are struggling to ID🙏🏻 Or, at least one we might be sluggish to openly name..

  3. DACA, do I even know what this is? I’v heard it multi times today as I got in my car with radio blasting that DACA has closed down the government of the US. I heard politicians explain with great compassion about our wonderful nation with open arms to receive all regardless of color, culture, language, and religion. Then other voices “illegal immigration” has to be addressed and people sent back to their counties. And, I guess I’m told DACA is children that came to the US as children of no fault of their own and have lived in the US as good citizens and should not be sent back to their country of origin.

    I remembered MG, our friend that we have spoken of here that passed away recently telling me of her father, an orphan from Italy coming to the US through Ellis Island. Oh, yes, what do we know about Ellis Island? Probably most of us could at least quote; “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, …”

    I quietly set outside MG’s home reflecting on in just a few hours I would place a sign, For Sale. Where was she? Was she with her father, an orphan from Italy that saw the USA as, “A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame- Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand-Glows world-wide welcome; …”

    Oh Lord would she want to come back and tell us what she has seen? “Wonder what the great Apostle Paul felt as he looked back through the years to the time when he was Saul and stood watching with approval as a crowd hideously stoned Stephen to death? How did he feel as he remembered the days he set his furious force to hunting down Christians?” Pg 45

    Our study book is full of stories for our thoughts to attach themselves to and bond for our time in history to make amends with those lives and families that are hanging in the balance waiting for our comfort, compassion and love to determine their destiny.

    1. I enjoyed reading what you wrote above, Sara…you sure have an insightful and creative way of connecting those Beatitudes to real-world issues that hit home and hearts today.

      1. Thanks Debi I thank God for the gift He has given me. 🎁So thankful He has gifted 🎁🎁🎁 all His children in unique and special ways. I must say I thrieve when gifts connect in tandem with our Leader, the author of the Beatitudes. Just this am I answered my phone with the voice of a business man that I have been working with to coordinate a team to task with spirit…and I heard him sing Prause God from whom all blessings flow. In unison our teams where in praise of the reality of when heaven and earth connect. 🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. I like how Wuellner writes on page 47. “The deepest comfort in our mourning is to know that God not only has compassion but actually feels our suffering with us. Jesus tells us that not even a tiny sparrow will fall to the ground ‘apart from your Father’ (Matthew 10:29). To me this means that God’s heart so enfolds and unites with the sparrow (and with us) that the suffering of the tiny creature is shared, felt by that supreme heart. The creature’s suffering resounds through God’s whole being.”

    1. Tammy, in reading your post it gave me a desire 🤔to continue the read on pg 47. What an awesome story of a lady and her adopted shelter dog. Today, I had a flash experience of a past hurt where I believe I was unfairly treated by a family member. I just wanting to entertain my hurt all over again, yet I had the courage to join the woman and her shelter dog in the tub of water. There, I was reminded that this original hurt had a domino effect and caused me to indirect hurt others in the ⭕️ of pain. Healing for all is taking place.
      “God’s heart so enfolds and unites with the sparrow (and with us) that the suffering of the tiny creature is shared, felt by that supreme heart. The creature’s suffering resounds through God’s whole being.” Pg. 47

  5. First, I must admit I had NO idea of the potency found in each blessing given in this “Blessed are” list named, Beatitudes meaning, ‘supreme blessedness; exalted happiness.”

    Secondly, I’m studying pg 37, Wuellner says, ‘sadness …is a passive condition that quickly becomes pervasive if we do not name and grieve for our true sorrow.” Now, that’s a WOW to me.

    Thirdly, the principle that rings in my being while exchanging ideas in this type of study is we don’t need to name and explain away in words. If one is in the naming stage, name might be sufficient for the healing process.

    Fourly, we don’t need to be a writer or perfect in anyway to share our journey. We can read and not share aloud until we feel ready. We have journals and above all prayer.

  6. “God not only has compassion but actually feels our suffering with us”…. Tammy quotes above from the author’s words. Feelings (such as anger. shame, etc.) are talked about quite a bit in this chapter with regard to ‘healthy forgiveness.’ I found it helpful to be reminded not to gloss over them or stuff them down inside. Wuellner states: “Healthy forgiveness is usually impossible if these feelings are pushed past too quickly in the name of forgiveness. Such feelings do not go away until they are healed. If we thrust feelings down out of our conscious awareness, they can smolder for years in our deep subconscious selves, damaging the very cells of our bodies.” (pg.37)

      1. Sara, you asked above in a post, “Debi, can you name the “action from the propel”?
        After I looked at the art and read yesterday, I felt energized and motivated to take care of some work I needed to do.

    1. Love the bees🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 … Reminds me of a retreat we had a few years back. Hum…. I believe bees are always working, aren’t they 🤔???Back to studying 🤓📝😉

      1. Awee yes I believe 🐝🐝🐝Tammy 🐝🐝🐝bees are busy giving honey in the Rock. Did you ever sing the chorus; There is honey in the Rock oh taste and see the Lord is good to you, sweet honey in the Rock….Yes, back to study tasting the honey in the Rock. And, I know you will get busy and spread the honey to those in need. They will once again become strong and find and taste and spread honey as well. YAY worker Bees producing honeycombs of happiness. Happy are you that live out the Beatitudes according to Jesus. 🐝🐝🐝

  7. I don’t believe I recall singing this chorus…..”there is honey in the rock”? 🎼🎧🎤 but I sure want to get busy like the 🐝🐝🐝learning to live out these Beatitudes like Jesus has taught us to.🙏

    1. I may just ask Debi to call you with her guitar🎸 in hand and teach you to sing 🎤 Honey in the Rock. When you hear the strum beat you might recall it’s one of Debi’s signature songs. Just signal the green light for Debi to sing. 🎼

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