A Blessing from Pastor Reggie

We have been greatly blessed since August 2018 and ongoing 2019 to be a part of the study of the “Book of Judges” taught by Pastor Reggie Webb of Edenton, NC. We are so blessed to live in various places and yet join together in study, fellowship and prayer. When God gives us connections and we strengthen them through Bible Studies, sharing in understanding and prayers we are “Faith Keepers.”

We are deeply grateful for the personal touch of he and his precious wife, Nancy, that show us by example humility and include us in their prayers. Thank you.

If you haven’t joined the study yet the beauty of posting you can find lesson I posted here with ongoing studies as Pastor Reggie skillfully takes us through the book of Judges. Time and place not an excuse they are here 24/7.

Thanks Tammy Holton for the connection.

8 thoughts on “A Blessing from Pastor Reggie

  1. I am grateful to be able to hear, study, and learn from Reggie and interact on thedailylily, with everyone. Thank you, Reggie, Sara, and team for the opportunity to share and learn from the Word of God. May God bless each one of you as we move into a new year and future.๐Ÿ™

  2. I love the picture as it shows us the extension of thedailylily just like a table we all sit down with our focus in service to Him. How neat to see all the giftings come together to serve others. I can only โ€œImagineโ€ a fellowship with all would bring laughs and joy sprinkled generously. So glad to see you Pastor Reggie and Nancy, I love the Merry Christmas flag Nancy. Looking forward to another lesson this week on Judges.

    1. I agree Rena a round table fellowship with our โ€œfaith keepers liliesโ€ would be fun. Hey, this is truly another form of reaching out and connecting.

      Dear God, I thank You for expanding my life with our Faith Keeping Lilies. You teach, love, and give laughter through them. We are blessed. Amen!

  3. Pastor Reggie’s teachings are something I really look forward to each week and I am so appreciative of Sara posting them faithfully on The Daily Lily. They help keep me focused in the Word; are so applicable for today; and stimulate interactive writing/sharing through The Daily Lily.
    Thank you for sharing the photo of Pastor Reggie and his wife. What a blessing and joy to see their smiling faces…just seems to bring us all closer together.

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