16 thoughts on “Book of Judges-lesson 26

  1. Samson, so flawed, yet so strong
    So crude yet gentle
    The lust of the flesh,
    and the lust of the eyes,
    Allowed the tears from a woman eyes
    To make him talk and tell
    She betrayed his trust
    Leaving him angry as hell
    caused multiple murders to
    Be added to his twill …

    I must say Samson’s story has just begun….

  2. I had written in my notes 📝….” women were the downfall of Samson. In fact, I believe Pastor Reggie said: Samson was a HE man with a SHE weakness.” Sara stated above: “Samson’s story has just begun”. I think 🤔 you may be on to something Sara.

    1. Tammy, don’t forget to add the honey to the women. 🍯🍯🍯🍯 I’m sure glad no man ever called me honey🍯🍯🍯 What was that honey doing in that carcass anyway?

      1. Good question Sara. 🤔 Did I hear Pastor Reggie say that bees 🐝 wont go near decaying material? And also, did I understand correctly that there was nothing left but bones?

  3. Love your poem, Sara. It sure paints a picture of sharp contrast and opposites within a person and within a relationship of two people.

    And Tammy, you wrote, “women were the downfall of Samson”. I heard that also in Pastor Reggie’s lesson. And apparently Samson had other weaknesses as well. In the lesson, he pointed out that Samson was “insensitive, distrustful towards his parents, and calloused toward the theological implications of his demand and the mission he is going to be involved in …just thinking about that girl”.

  4. As I slowly play, replay and communicate with family and friends this story as well as a few others from this series from the Book of Judges as Pastor Reggie regally spotlights the character flaws of some story villains that onces were my childhood Sunday School heroes.

    I’v harshly judged each one and thought how awlful. I’m still doing it as Samson is a real louse. I’v
    always thought such a strong hero.

    This is all my thinking out loud but has caused me to stop and undress arrorgrance and pride from my soul.

    I’m so thankful for Jesus and the Cross that made a way for my awlful actions that was easy to hide under another Samson/David/Moses and others stories.

    It’s also caused me to once again rethink those soft Sunday School stories being taught that often don’t even rise to a “Superman” hero.

    This series has really opened the thinking window of my soul just a little wider so spring cleaning can occur.

    1. Today, I read a devotion that immediately reloaded my mind on SS Bible stories and my comment I had made here. I would like to share my today’s devotion from The Upper Room…

      “WHEN I WAS A CHILD, I attended a Lutheran Church a block away from my house in rural Illinois. I first heard the story of David and Goliath around the same time I wished to bring home all the stuffed animals from the toy store. I remember admiring David, the unlikely young hero, and feeling intimidated by the giant Goliath. David still inspires me, and Goliath still intimidates me. David’s dilemma in the face of Goliath illustrates a tension in the Christian faith. On the one hand, we are dependent on God and cannot do anything apart from Jesus. (See John 15:5.) On the other hand, we are capable of doing even greater works than those Jesus performed. (See John 14:12.) Sometimes the challenge of faith is to hold two truths at once and to sit with the complexity and tension. Remembering we are not self-sufficient keeps us from pride and self-idealization. Remembering we are capable empowers us when we might feel immobilized. We need Jesus, and through Jesus we are capable of anything.”
      —Angela D. Schaffner
      Revealed: What the Bible Can Teach You About Yourself

    1. “Samson means Sun meaning dawning of a new day….” Did you hear this?

      Yes, I heard the same thing. Pastor Reggie said that ” a lot of people believe that God through Samson had brought about the dawning of a new day into the lives of his parents and Israel.” He said some people think maybe that’s the connection that God through Samson is doing that.

  5. In this sermon by Pastor Reggie, he says Samson’s down fall was women. He loved them. He saw a Philistine woman and wanted her. He only looked at the outside cover not checking what was in the inside. From my perspective we are seeing the dawning of a new day (it didn’t say it was good. Doesn’t the sun shine on the just and the unjust.). It’s called trickery, water works, and you don’t love me saga. The saying “lust makes you crazy” seems to have Samson spilling the beans. He and she got what they wanted. Will we see this love of women and his past history repeated🤔. We will have to stay tuned as the scriptures are open by Pastor Reggie

    1. Reading Sara about characters in the Bible not even coming up to “Superman” hero. You mention one bible character, David. Studying David, a man after God’s own heart, this year at BSF has revealed a lot of wrong decision by David or as you said flawed life yet a heart for God.

      In teaching 1-3rd grade children at BSF there is no sugar coating of David’s and the destructive consequences of sin seen in his life. Of course we see the good – humbleness, caring, and reaching out in love to others.

      We certainly see the distraction of sin in Samson’s life. I certainly in review of my own life see the destruction sin has caused and don’t want to look around the corner of tomorrow . Thank the Lord for His patience with me and most of all being my Savior.

      1. Yes, Rena when we look in a mirror of reflection as believers in Jesus Christ we see righteousness. What a high five that is to say the least. At times reflection gives us a hope there is even a great light to be seen, ‘from glory to glory’

        “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18, NASB).

  6. The entire universe suffers the effects of human sin. Paul writes, “We know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now” (Romans 8:22).

    The glory we see is a reflection of “Christ in [us], the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). As we fix our hearts and aspirations on his glory, the glow of Christlikeness grows brighter in us.

    This is a whoopee isn’t it?

  7. Sara, you wrote above, “The glory we see is a reflection of “Christ in [us], the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). As we fix our hearts and aspirations on his glory, the glow of Christlikeness grows brighter in us.
    This is a whoopee isn’t it?”

    Yes, it is. It also reminded me of something Joel Osteen wrote in his book, “Next Level Thinking” in the chapter, “Approve Yourself”. He wrote: “Next level thinking says you’re not a finished product. God is still working on you. The scripture speaks of how God changes us from glory to glory. You have to learn to enjoy the glory you’re in right now.”

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