3 thoughts on “Psalm 37:28

  1. Psalm 37:28 seems to say that God loves to be just Himself and He desires for us to be godly, faithful and just in what we do so that He can extend His justice to us.

    I found several things the Lord looks for us to do in Psalm 37 so that we can be those faithful ones and not be forsaken by Him, including: trusting Him; doing good; committing all we do to Him and waiting for Him to act; to be a generous giver; to offer good counsel and teach right from wrong; to hope in Him; to be honest; to love peace; and not to worry about the wicked or to envy them.

    Verse 6 said: “He will bring forth your righteousness as a light, and your justice as the noonday sun.”

    To know that we will not be forsaken provides a sure stability in an unstable world. I like some of the words I found for opposite of forsaken: “helped, cherished, nurtured, wanted, redeemed, rescued, salvaged, restored”.

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