Broken Crayons

Isaiah 42:3 “He will not snap off a broken reed
or snuff out a smoldering wick.
He will bring forth justice according to truth;”

I ran across this photo today after hearing a number of stories of broken dreams and broken lives. I was colorfully joyfully reminded of God’s promises to his children.

“A broken reed He will not break [off]
And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish [He will not harm those who are weak and suffering];
He will faithfully bring forth justice.”

Look at all those colorful crayons and begin to imagine how many more lives you have yet to color. 2 Corinthians 4:9 NLT “We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed.” And, always remember when looking for perfect in yourself or another, that the purple crayon broken or not, colored the same.

3 thoughts on “Broken Crayons

  1. That is a great photo and saying, Sara, that so well illustrates the scriptures and what you wrote. Looking at all those crayons I thought of all the hands that handled them…some roughly, some gently, some who were accomplished artists, others just beginners or learning to pick up a crayon. And the art produced, depending on the talent, the ability, the purpose.
    It’s encouraging to think on your words above…even though these crayons in the picture may have been relegated to the less useful pile or even the discard/trash bin, God has purposes and “promises to his children.” And the thought that “that the purple crayon broken or not, colored the same.” gives hope.

  2. The footnotes for Isaiah 42: 1-4 says: (NIV) “These verses are quoted in Matthew 12: 18-21 with reference to Christ. The chosen servant reveals a character of gentleness, encouragement, justice, and truth. When you feel broken and bruised or burned out in your spiritual life, God won’t step on you or toss you aside as useless, but will gently pick you up. God‘s loving attributes are desperately needed in the world today. Through God‘s Spirit, we can show such sensitivity to people around us, reflecting God‘s goodness and honesty to them.” Encouraging words from God’s Word 🙏

  3. Debi and Tammy, reading both of your comments in unison was like taking a fresh shower with lavender soap. Refreshing.
    Often mind thoughts down a short weedy path of looking at weeds with briars that just pop in the mind scratches the lense of reason and before we know it words form and it’s made a broken mess in our souls. This scripture serves as a compass of security. So often this scripture might frighten us and we yelp Ive not left the Lord. And, how wonderful we can pocket this for days it’s needed for us or another when wayward seems impossible to return. It’s not!

    But, just think how much joy, hope and peace you have lost giving your mind over to worry and anxiety that proved it gain you nothing good. Don’t throw the broken crayons away but color the thoughts in a coat of many colors and watch beauty show through whether it be about yourself or another that the enemy wanted you to think negative about.

    When I was a little girl in a large family, small school and new boxes of crayons was a scarcity. I thought an old cigar box of old broken crayons were one of the most beautiful things I had seen or smelled. They still delight my senses. The color so well and the beauty of a person with highlights, a bird with special feather, a slice of cake plus opened a door of great imagination that I still carry with me daily.

    Do I today complain that my Mother and Father failed to give me a new box of crayons. Even thought the Lord called my father home while I was very young. Do I blame him for my lack? Or, do I rejoice because my Heavenly provided for me special things that were only meant for me. Oh rejoice my friends Our Heavenly Father has a special gift of love just for you when you are so broken or feel so used or abused. Let us return to the Lord our God. If it be possible help another with our “light and love.”
    Let us test and examine our ways
    and return to the Lord.
    —Lamentations 3:40 (NRSV)

    The one thing that stings and hurts all is this. Tammy’s footnotes…”When you feel broken and bruised or burned out in your spiritual life, God won’t step on you or toss you aside as useless, but will gently pick you up. God‘s loving attributes are desperately needed in the world today.”

    What is needed in the world today? Do I mouth scripture about my fault or others and then cast them in my outer so called social circle. What did we read test and examine our ways?

    Lot oh hope in broken crayons when we pause in the presence of Jehovah!

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