A Bloom

Nicole, a friend from Creswell, NC, a music teacher and writer/ composer loves to add photography to her music. She often finds photos to illustrate a a biblical scripture also. This week as change of temperature and November blooms were coming to an end until next season she spotted a win.

A bloom enlightens (Sara’s words) Nicole’s photo

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

I’m thankful to Nichole for her light and her generosity in sharing her work with me and allowing me to share,

3 thoughts on “A Bloom

  1. Nicole’s beautiful photo sure seems to speak volumes about seasons to me and how each plant God created has its unique season to shine and flourish.
    The larger tree behind the green shrub appears to be entering a rest; a period of dormancy; slowing down its active growth; shedding old leaves so in its due season new life will appear.
    The green shrub in the forefront must thrive in the fall/winter season, gaining energy and strength to put on such a show with its beautiful pink bloom.
    Some of the ground plants in front seem to be waving goodbye until another time and/or holding on to their last bit of strength before the deep cold sets in.
    And the tall pine trees way in the rear look stoic, a symbol of stability in every season.

    Thanks for sharing Nicole’s photos, “her light and her generosity”, Sara. They are lovely to view and meditate on…a real blessing.

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