Our Bird Nest

Consider how the lilies grow: They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory was adorned like one of these. (Like 12:27) Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them. (Like 12:24)

The sounds, sights and smells have been whistling in the air, spring is about to arrive. Hope has a way of indoctrinating the mind often convincing us there is hope for a better thing, whatever may be our better thing at the time. Yet, fear and anxiety may team up to convince us hope has no say in this thing?

The last few days I have been on watch as a small host of birds were diligently building a nest right outside my window. I loved the company of their chatter as they worked away. This morning their chatter seemed more like a contact call. I went out to inquire why? I found their nest dislodged from their branch that seemed sturdy and safe. I’m thinking the gust of high winds we had in the night might have caused their nest to dislodge.

Our Bird Nest

I recalled, consider the Lillies-consider the ravens…my anxiety of hopelessness for these hard working birds subsided into a stillness of silence hoping to show the watchful birds I would be there for them if they decided to rebuild.

It had been my plan to have those branches cut and trimmed within hours. I had made sure to explain to the one trimming we would not harm their nest. Now, I will reevaluate and try and leave a more solid and protective branch for their review.

“And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?” (Luke 12:28) If you need encouragement today to have a little more faith I encourage you to join Charlotte Ritchie ( below link) as we sing together, Consider the Lilies and then you will know.


6 thoughts on “Our Bird Nest

  1. That is an encouraging song to sing along with, and encouraging scriptures to reflect on, and encouraging words, Sara to consider. Consider defined as: “to think carefully about something; to think on; examine”. It was sad to see your photo of what happened to the nest of those “hard working birds”. But to ‘consider’ that God cares about their hard work and their home and their family and their lives does bring hope and prayers for them …that they will soon rebuild and flourish.

  2. As I listen to the song recorded quite a few years ago , Consider the lilies, by Charlotte Richie and the back up singers of which one is Becky Isaac Bowman the now becomes a story.

    In Dec 2022 Becky was involved in a very serious car accident of which the driver from the other car was killed. She has a lot of injuries to both her legs. I saw her sister doing live videos at different times in her hospital stay. She was not able to walk at all. She needed surgery and after many weeks of not even standing she was able to start therapy. I heard she is improving daily.🙏🏼

    Since the recording of the above song Charlotte went to nursing school and works as a nurse. She works in hospital near the hospital Becky was in. She would stop by on her way to work to see Becky and pray with her. It was Christmas and as they were recording the guest of many singers and family that was visiting Becky in comes Charlotte in her work scrubs to hug Becky and pray. Someone said Charlotte would you sing us a song before you leave? And sing she did! Consider the Lillies. The patient, guest and staff as well as we watching live video were in tears of the goodness of God. Best healing Christmas song sung in the moment by a voice that could only be described as Jesus with us in this very place.

    Jesus wants us to consider the Lillie’s and how they grow. Debi gives us a dictionary meaning of consider.

    Becky is walking and singing and expected to be back on tour with her family this month.

  3. Thank you for sharing this story, Sara, of how God uses His vessels (and the Lily song) to help his lilies heal, grow and be encouraged. So glad to hear Becky is improving daily and I join in prayers that she will be “back on tour with her family this month.”

    1. Debi, so nice of you to take time to add your prayers to others for Becky.

      I found the circle of “Consider the Lillies” in space of many years to be a thought and reminder to all living creatures each thing we do has a way of staying in the circle of hope and healing. Or, could find it’s way in a different circle. Maybe hate because of another’s skin color, background or religion.

      Just think of Nelson Mandela among other leaders that have a way of teaching us life lessons.

      My thoughts on this story were in questions have I done my very best on each little duty given to me to be at its highest best. What is my life currently teaching people around me? Are my ways pleasing to the Lord in all I do.

      Surely Becky being a star in her own right doing back up for Charlotte was beautiful. Years later Charlotte a star in more ways than singing, and she is a star in gospel music became Becky’s star of Bethlehem.

      Mandela and Jesus taught us no matter what we were raised to believe, we can learn to love and model compassion for others. None of us are too far gone. Together, we can live in love.

      VI often hear stories of children living in war zones or other injustice situations and a star of kindness shows love and respect years later the child shows up in the “stars” life causing them to shine a little brighter.

    1. So welcome Tammy! I replayed and sang along prayerfully with you. Nice to be in unity with fellow travelers with “The One”that cares so deeply for the Lilies and us!

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