Me and My Mall

“Me and My Malls”

Do you like Shopping Malls? Now I mean real Shopping Malls? Not those little strip Malls with a few stores for convenience, but real Malls? Where I shop!

I take my laptop and cell phone for my work. Take care of all my writings, bookkeeping and scrap booking with my photos from my “Apple”. Meet my friends for coffee my family for meals enjoy all my hobbies of window shopping, walking for leisure and health, plus other related issues.

If you are not familiar with Real Malls, “My Shopping Malls,” let me take you through one on a mini tour as I see them through my bifocals.

It takes a good twenty minutes to find an appropriate parking space, well that is when you want to park close like me since I have a very large purse to carry all my accessories, cell picture phone, digital camera and laptop.

This mall must have lots of restaurants, with excellent food, not just eateries where I have to stand in a line, get my own food, find a seat through at least a thousand baby strollers packed with so many bags it would be hard to find a baby, that is, if there is a baby!!!!

I am talking about restaurants with “No Children Menus.” If you bring your child (I do love children) you must treat them like a real person and buy them food on a real plate and pay for them to have a seat and plate and teach them to appreciate the power of good relationships.

Then we would need a few “Starbucks” for coffee, plus some good tearooms and good pastry shops. Well, then of course with this comes the right stores and out comes credit card of all colors and sizes!!!!

I think you know what I mean by now. Well, I made my way to one of my old standbys on Friday to visit what I had heard on the news about a brand new section “just opened”. Well, can’t wait, off I go to see all the new added to “My Mall.”

My son had invited my husband and I to have lunch with and on him at one of those great restaurants. (Now you know the value of paying for your children to eat in a real restaurant when young and paying for him to have a real plate).

“Victoria Secret” was and is the buzz of this new section. She seemly has found a way to the heart of “America”. Show it all and light it up and make it shine with colors to delight.

I am walking right by all this window display, with lights, color, etc. looking for this great display. A pretty well dressed young lady sees me walking by and says, “O what an outstanding jean suit you have on and it looks so good on you.” I say “Thank You” and keeping walking. I get lots of that and I think they are trying to invite me in to buy something so I just keep going.

I see right there a real long line and I think WOW the big new movie theatre is right here, so I look to see what is playing and Oh, it was just “Victoria Secret” with all the glitz.

I continue on and then I see and hear women in the other stores talking about just how terrible this is and in the mall, of all places! They tell me “Christians are going to march and boycott this store”. Oh, I say, well, tonight’s news will be running a special about “Christians” and their many troubles with porno from the pulpit to the pew. One out of five they say are addicted to this. They even have a website called x’s multiplied church with video, etc. for these poor old disgusting addicts to go and find some relief and help so they can preach on Sunday morning!!!

Can you imagine why they want to have a march in front of this big fancy lit up Victoria Secret’s store?

Can you imagine in your minds eye why they want your big bucks in the offering plate on Sunday?

Can you imagine why they need x’s church to get help for their addiction when the Word of God has all they need, if they wanted deliverance, they would get it from God not x’s church.

Can you imagine why we have and need so many secrets in the church?

Sunday Morning headlines on the web!!! X’s church: “Seedy or Sacred? – “Married Women’s Sex Problems?” -“Pop Culture-men love women who do this.” And on it goes.

Please don’t click on these sites.

Why not try God? Why not try Him from reading God’s Word, meditating on God’s Word, praying God’s Word and living God’s Word.

“Addictions could become Extinct.”

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