My friend, Age 99

My Friend, Age 99

Anna, Sister Grandma, as she is affectionately called by so many died Monday, at age 99!

Anna, had been around a sure long time to make her children, family and friends feel so awful special.

She was wise but now her wisdom knows no limits.
She gained knowledge as she thumbed through her Bible on each and everyday. But now her knowledge is seen with just the eye.
Her heart was passionately in love with all she knew but now her heart is given to all!
Her legs were swollen and swelling but now they are just the right size.
Her hearing had left her for quite awhile but now the friend of hearing has become her very best friend.

I could go on and on but as I speak with her daughter, my friend, we believe we could never cover the all.

The mind and heart will tell us on each given day just what we believe our good friend, Anna, is doing with her life. Her age has diminished and ageless she is, giving limits of life an exit to limitless bliss.

Good-bye for now Anna, until then, well how does one say good-bye to a friend of so many years?

8 thoughts on “My friend, Age 99

  1. What a magnificient, delicate rose for the Lord. Her fragrance was sweet upon the earth and we all adored her and her energizing ways. Now she is in the sweet fragrance of the Great I AM, the Rose of Sharon. What a wonderful place to be. May we all be like precious Grandma, champions for the Lord. Thanks Sister Grandma for such a wonder example.

    1. The precious essence of the determined human spirit captured in the photo of “Anna” or affectionately…”Sister Grandma” displays a life lived by faith and “in faith”; and the blessed assurance of a life that has counted for much on earth and now…even more certainly in Eternity.
      Live forever, Oh dowager of pioneering spirit! Thou hast done well!

      1. Dearest Sister Grandma, Anna, MOTHER!
        This is your first Christmas in Heaven. Oh, how glorious to be with Jesus Christ our Lord and Father God in Heaven on Christmas morn! Yes, we celebrate here on earth and we miss you dearly, but OH! the joy of a truly Heavenly Christmas with the CHRISTMAS CHILD, Himself! I know that though you are absent from this Christmas celebration with your children here on earth, still, THIS WILL BE YOUR BEST CHRISTMAS EVER and EVER and into Eternity!!!
        Merry Christmas Sister Grandma, ANNA, MOTHER,I love you!!Till we meet again………..~~~~~~~~~

  2. I was blessed to meet this lovely, gentle
    lady a few times. As a friend of her
    daughters, I can say Sister Grandma was
    blessed herself with an amazing,
    talented and compassionate daughter.
    You are missed, Sister Grandma, but you
    left behind on this earth wonderful
    children to continue in your footsteps.
    May the Lord bless your presence
    by his side in heaven. Susan

  3. “With long life will I satisfy you and show you My salvation.” That is a text from the Psalms…a promise and a fulfillment. She went quietly, gently, asleep in an afternoon nap…as did her husband many years before. Gentle people, really. They died as they had lived; gently, faithful, loyal, God-lovers, not taking much, but doing their very best…the best they knew how. And the leagacy lives on and will continue throughout eternity…a tribute to a Faithful GOD.

  4. O Lord, support us all the day long of this troubled life,
    until the shadows lengthen
    and the evening comes
    and the busy world is hushed,
    and the fever of life is over,
    and our work is done!
    Then, in your mercy,
    grant us a safe lodging,
    and a holy rest,
    and peace at the last;
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    John Henry Newman, 1801-1890

  5. Our prayers and thoughts are with MG and family as the celebrate their First Thanksgiving without Sister Grandma gracing their dinner table.

    May they find the comfort and love that Our Lord gives on days like this.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families that are facing a holiday without a love one for the very first time. May God be with each of you.

    1. MG Henry writes: Thank you for those precious words, Sara. We knew there was a presecnce absent from our Thanksgiving table…that of our beautiful and precious Sister Grandma. And we miss her sorely though we know she is preparing for the THANKSGIVING SUPPER OF THE LAMB> And what a glorious table that will be. We had another wise woman at our table, Helen, my brother’s mother-in-law. An octagenarian, she was more warmly regarded than usual, more lovingly approached than previous times for we have learned from the experience of losing a precious life from our midst, the true worth of each loved one. Again, a teaching from Sara sermons…. BE IN THE MOMENT. We each endeavored to capture the true essence of those moments with one another, moments that can never be again, and to highly esteem one another because of the preciousness of the life given for a time and then…..gone~~

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