WOW! I made it to the “Beach Wedding”! Kitty Hawk NC Friday Night
5PM. Just about High Tide! I think my picture will speak for me. O
Sunset, where art thou?
I didn’t have the heart to show the Bride and Groom but they did
great. After all-it it was their day.

The Methodist Minister was great too, I think, I couldn’t hear a
word he had to say except he had a famous quote that was his very
favorite and then the wind blew it away.
The family, friends and food were impressively splendid.

The house was lovely and full of Tommy Bahama’ s decor. The pool
was inviting but off limits to wedding guest who were all wet from
high tide. But some dived to their chagrin and the groom’s buddies
took all the blame!

Have you ever been in High Tide in Kitty Hawk in the rain and winds
in October? If not, why not? Just give it a whirl and the winds
may just take you away.
I caught a bad cold and now have a “runny nose” and wonder what in
the world would cause us to do such a thing!

Weddings are memories and this one will surely be. It was worth it
all to see the lovely bride and charming groom enjoying their day
with family and friends. It made us all once again young at heart
I believe just as a Wedding Day should be.

Love was there, Joy was there, Hope was there and Well Wishers were
there and Our God was there just being the One He chose to be to
make this special Wedding Day a joyful day to remember.

6 thoughts on “BEACH WEDDING-surfs up

  1. Great story and accompanying photo…love your descriptive really ‘takes me there!
    Leesburg VA

  2. This is quite lovely and full of joy! I’ve heard of being washed in the word, but this is wonderful especially at a wedding, being washed in the Word and literally washed in the water!..You are very artistic in your words and you paint such beautiful pictures for the minds eye……Dorothy

  3. Oh what a memorable wedding. You write so vividly I feel I was there caught up in the joyful celebrations at one of my favorite places, the beach. Thanks for sharing. Rena

  4. Had the bride & groom considered water skis?
    I can see it all now! They could land near the beach in a helicopter on pontoons & be met by an outboard motor boat, hop on their water skis, with a surf board under one arm and ride a wave in to the minister standing on the shore awaiting their arrival. Might be a good idea when they renew their vows in a few years. Otherwise, it does look pretty groovy as “far out” goes!!!!
    Hmmm,,,, how would a veil look with a swim suit????? I wonder,,,,

  5. this would make a great movie “Gone with the Waves” a sequel to “Gone with the Wind”…The lady in red could have a great part, she seems to be saying…oh no my stocking has a run..oh uh save me… and the man in the green ,who is running seems to be saying dont move honey I’ll save you…I think they all bettter move fast from the looks of that wave coming in…..great makings for a movie ya think?,,,,

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