Christmas Planning

Do you plan to attend a church service to celebrate the Birth of Christ?
Do you plan to have a Christmas Tree? Is so, Why?
Do you plan to have a nativity in your home or yard?

“If your plan is having no plan, do you have a plan?”

When I reflect on the fact that Jesus left heaven to visit with us on earth and fulfill the plan for our salvation through The Virgin Birth, the Cross and Resurrection I want to celebrate. I really don’t think I have celebrated Christmas without a Nativity scene as a reminder of such a miraculous birth. It would not be Christmas for me without this reminder because I always think a Royal without a place to be birth is more than humble. When I see the magi (Matthew 2:1) riding on camels to worship this King they have so long awaited for it turns my hard heart to honor, worship and adore the amazement of this wonder.

Today our Movie, TV and POP stars have castles, mansions and even whole islands to give birth or have a Birthday Party. Our Savior only had a manger in a stable without balloons, booze and drugs to assist in the birth. So I have more than one manger scene to remind me and hopefully to remind the next generation to reminder our heritage and lineage to which we will return.

Christmas Tree, O yes, I love trees with lots of decorations and color to say this is a special Birthday Party. This is Immanuel’s (Christ with us) Birthday Party. Please come and meet Jesus, The King.

I even love Santa because he gives gifts and laughter and fun for the young and old. He makes me understand just a little of how much Jesus really gave with each little item Jolly O pulls out of his sack and HO HO HO to all Merry Christmas as a reminder of a Birthday Party for a King.

Church Services to gather with His whole family and Worship Our King and give Him Glory, Honor and Praise that keeps His Birth in the proper place. What would Christmas be without “Joy to The World” and “O come Let us Adore Him, Christ The Lord.”

“O Come, All Ye Faithful” Let us come together as a Big United Family and Worship in such a Joyous Glorious Way that All the World will have to see and sing with us “Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing, …”

Do you have a special Christmas tradition that you would like to share with us?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Planning

  1. I certainly plan to attend a church service or TWO to celebrate the Birthday anniversary of Christ Jesus. I do have a Nativity scene in our home or where I will be for Christmas and we keep it up all year long to honor Christ as it reminds us of the unspeakable gift of the CHRIST CHILD which we celebrate every day in our hearts.
    I am NOT a big planner but I do plan to GIVE this CHRISTMAS, first to my CHURCH and then those less prosperous than I.
    Christmas, as we were growing up, was never really much about THINGS, THINGS, THINGS, but the joy of the season, the manger scene with Mary and Joseph and the little baby figure in the eating trough, with the 3 wisemen, 2 or 3 shepherds and the cattle and sheep. I loved those dollike figures in the little shed-like structure with the branches on the top. Then there was the tree, the glorious Christmas hymns and songs and the lights, the outdoor trees, the music, the food, the midnight church services, the choirs,& later on the carolers. AND… The church has left us a legacy of beauty and glory that we should partake of, transferring it to our loved ones and those in need, that they may know CHRIST and why HE came…the greatest CHRISTMAS GIFT OF ALL ETERNITY!

  2. 1. I plan to attend church services at CCI

    2. I plan on having a tree because I think it is a good reminder of what Christmas is really about: our salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. I enjoy looking at the beauty and reflecting on its symbolism. In horticultural terms evergreen tree or conifer means a tree that stays green all year every year after year symbolizing eternal life. A tree is what the Bible says Christ died on for our sins. And when it is lit up with lights it reminds me that Jesus is the light of the world and I should be a light too and tell others of this Hope.

    3. I plan to set up the nativity in its place in the front hall and light it up and decorate it with fresh greens. It’s the focal point of decorating and meaning for me.

  3. 1. I will attend a midnight mass with my mother on Long Island. It is a very beautiful and festive mass. I look forward to it every year.
    2. I plan to have several trees. One large fresh one to sybolize the birth of Jesus and everlasting life. The others are small and decorated to coordinate in every room…
    3. I planned on having a nativity, but while unpacking my Christmas decor I realized that the nativity I had got broken in its move from the basement to attic. I need to get a new one.

    1. I had thought about not getting a fresh tree this year but you just helped me to make up my mind. I want one! I sometimes forget myself why I always did certain things and start a shortcut which may not always be the right thing.

      I hope and pray that you find just the perfect nativity for your home and at a good price.

      I,like you, so enjoy the midnight services for Christmas. Thanks for being a sparring partner!

  4. MG Henry says: Oh, yes Sara!! Though there is a tinge of sadness this first Christmas that we will be without Sister Grandma, your teaching fills me, again with hope and joy and expectation and a looking ahead…not only for our joy and Christmas jolliness but for those who are about to meet the CHRIST child in their hearts for the first time. Many will attend church on Christmas eve and Christmas a tradition…and I pray that through this simple act the LORD JESUS will draw them to HIMSELF at this most joyous time of year so that at Easter time when we celebrate the resurrection of our LORD they, too, will have the blessed hope of being born again on CHRISTMAS and will be resurrected with CHRIST JESUS at the end. We pray for our families and the souls of our friends who do NOT know Jesus,that they may meet HIM during this time of glorious celebration.

    1. We can also think how glorious it will be for Sis G. as she will have her 1st Christmas with Christ.

      CCI will have a moment to reflect and meditate on the life of Sis G Sunday 12/4/05 and receive an offering to the church in honor of Sis G.

      Yes, you, family and all of us will surely miss her this Christmas a whole lot as she never failed to send us here in Va. gifts from her home in Fl.w/very warm greetings.

  5. I do plan to attend church for Christmas. I love all the old hymns that
    are so nostalgic. I recall all Christmas’
    past and look forward to those ahead. The common thread is Jesus.
    Thank goodness He links the past, to the present, to the future.

    I love Christmas trees. My tree is filled with homemade ornaments. I
    remember helping my Mom with some or observing her making a few. On
    one she told me that I should never throw away an old dilapidated bell
    ornament as it was for the crocheted bells. You have to make sugar
    starch and stretch it over the bell to dry. I somehow feel closer to
    her as I put each ornament on the tree.

    I do have nativities. Some I keep up all year to remind me daily that
    Jesus is with me fresh each day. I have one which my mother crocheted
    for children to play with. Maybe I’ll have grandchildren one day and I
    can sit and tell the story of Jesus’s birth.

    Happy Birthday Jesus!!

  6. I always put out with my nativity an angel I made with clay. Like me bringing my gift to Christ too like the magi did, except its something I made /my hands. because of the gift He gave to me of creativity. When my grandson comes over I tell him why there are crystal stars, angels and doves on the tree…and why I hang up- side- down the candy cane. I say you see its a J and it stands for Jesus and that is what Christmas is all about. Dorothy

    1. This reminds me that at our church for the past several years, every Christmas each one is given a candy cane in the fashion you said to remind them the true meaning of Christmas. There is a wonderful children’s story entitled, Legend of the Candy Cane, Keepsake Book,
      by Lori Walburg, James Bernardin (Illustrator). My Sunday School students have really enjoyed this book.

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