20 thoughts on “Questions for The Daily Lily

  1. As a floral designer and retailer of plants and flowers I am always interested by customers’ differing preferences/likes/dislikes of color choices. After reading many health and inspiration articles and comments (for spirit, soul and body) on the Daily Lily, I am wondering how color affects peoples’ health and spirit.

    1. Debi I can only say for me certain colors like real bright yellows and whites make me feel very energetic…while blues and and dark burgandy calms me down and relaxes me…..greens make that creativity spark up in me and browns they tend to make me want to read or write….and Red…ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS>>dj

    2. Interesting query. I LOVE all colors. And the colors that burn in my soul and spirit are the purples, burgundies, roses, fushias, deep peaches, and burnt oranges. They stir my heart up and I feel pretty in those colors. I love greens, (like EMERALDS) and blues (like the SKY),and I could gaze all day at the colors the LORD has created for us in nature upon this big blue marble. But the colors that make me joyful when I wear them are the rosy-redish pinks, etc and especially PURPLE>

    3. Seemly God creates in color. Sky, land and sea speaks to the human spirit and animals.

      God instructed Moses to use color in the tabernacle. Also Solomon’s Temple that was conceived by his Father, King David, was brimming with gold and filled with God’s Glory. Certainly we will find health for mind, body and spirit in color.

      1. Thanks.This helps me see that color is not an-add on with God but a purposeful design. And it makes me realize its important for me to make sure I ask God what colors to choose for floral and landscape designs when clients leave the color choice up to me. He knows the reason behind the colors and the effects they will have on people and their situations.

  2. Ive been wondering after hearing a group of people (not here) talking and being concerned about some up coming situation how they will say to one another pray for me…..(I just wonder after knowing and seeing the fruit of their life and it seems they dont have a relationship with Jesus…are they really asking for prayer or is it just to them another thing to say?)

    1. That is a good observation, Dorothy. I believe sometimes, SOMETIMES, it is a call for HELP and they are not aware of what they REALLY NEED. If rotten is the fruit, then rotten is the root. But I believe you could grasp the opportunity to, if you were asked to pray for one of those whose lives appear hypocritical , pray the specific WORD that would respond and correspond to their TURE need. The plumbline of the WORD will minister and the HOLY SPIRIT will do the rest.

    2. I have seen many surveys showing that very large percentage of people pray and believe in prayer. We even hear that many that are sick recover quicker with prayer and it does not have to be Christians. Therefore, I am thinking many may ask for prayer but they may be coming from a different perspective of prayer than we may individually have, be it right or wrong as we see it.

      We can pray and/or look for opportunities to talk and share with them if we feel we have something to offer. Maybe they just don’t know. And, if they do, they will have heard the Word again.

    3. Often when we face real situations in life we want to know someone is with us in it.
      That is why we ask someone to pray for us at times. And if we can get God on our
      side we really feel good. And if some one else can get God on my side then I’m glad for it.

      1. I thank you for this…I do very well remember this from years ago in my own life…thinking if I can just get in touch some way with “God”..or some one else for me get ahold of Him… Yes I do well remember being in that boat so to speak …dj

  3. Since Jesus’ own WORDS in the BIBLE tells us to FORGIVE, then after an especially hurtful wounding, what heart-attitude should one have after having forgiven that person(s), about NOT resuming the hurtful relationship, keeping away from re-association with that person as it is NOT a helpful relationship to one’s spiritual life and walk with the LORD, whether it is with family members, friend, or betrothed. What attitude of heart is necessary to bring into complete healing and how does one break the ties that would lead to spiritual heartache and heartbreak?

    1. I heard on the radio today a comment related to this subject. I am not quoting it exactly.

      The idea was this if you default on a loan at the bank and the bank decides to forgive your loan; you are out of debt but don’t plan on going back to the bank tomorrow for a loan.

      1. That seems to say it succinctly; an excellent example. Jesus said not to return to wallowing in the mud.

    2. We agree it is to our benefit to forgive always. Maybe you could clarify what you mean by heart-attitude?

      Do you mean can we really forgive and move on without involving ourselves in their lives when it is hurtful or harmful? I am thinking if we are having a hard time moving on maybe we need counsel, talking with a friend, finding a support group, being honest with ourselves and those we talk with about the situation. Praying and asking the Holy Spirit for counsel, strength and courage.

      Sometimes we have to check our shroud and see what it is about us that wants to continue a hurt/harmful relationship?

      1. I think what I am trying to say is that after a wounding by someone in a close relationship, ..( family member or a romantic relationship) and we choose to obey the Word and forgive; then there has to come a reconciliation within one’s own heart of FORGIVENESS, YES! BUT NOT RESUMPTION of the relationship…which seems in the natural world to be an oxymoron. For example: ” I thought you said you had forgiven him/her. Why are you shunning that relationship,now?” That’s where heart peace and heart attitude have to prevail and let THE HOLY SPIRIT guide us in this.

      2. That is such an excellent suggestion that perhaps one should find a support group and/or counselors who will encourage and sustain the person as they are moving in a new direction away from the sad relationship. But at times, some want to hang on to the secret little “moments” & memories even though they know it is an unhealthy relationship, spiritually and sometimes, physically. Sometimes they try to make it work again….one more time…like a broken record or a stuck CD. SHROUDED & STUCK.

      3. I totally agree with all of these ideas. I was in a very bad relationship for almost 10 years. The person continually did and said bad things to me. I got more and more angry. When I finally got serious about praying for help it felt like my heavy heart had been lifted. I immediately felt that I needed to forgive that person, but I felt the need to move on from the relationship. I felt internal strength that I didn’t knew exisited. No one knows why they stay in a bad situation for a long time, for me I think it was to have companionship. My priorities changed, I matured, and I kept the Lord as my companion figuring if I had him, I didn’t need anyone else. I KNEW in my heart He did not want me to be miserable for the rest of my life. My life got a zillion times better after that . More and more great relationships have sprung up in my life.

      4. Stacie, thanks, you always seem to have just the right ‘words of expression’ to express what is in the heart but sometimes becomes like a ‘stillbirth’ in the inner being. Your words helped me to understand the blog on Setting my spirit free and the shrouds we wear.


      5. I enjoyed reading your comment. Your frankness and to the point way of putting things is refreshing and clear. Thanks.

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