3 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Day

  1. This is such an obvious truth that many God-fearing people are puzzled and stunned by the media that deceives itself and the public into believing that vulgar, crass, violent and prurient films, video games, books, magazines and commercials will neither influence nor affect our children, our young men & women. School teachers, especially know the value and import of “teach by example” in the everyday life of the student. The Bible is full of examples and teachings about following after righteousness; following the example of the Apostles as they followed in the footsteps of Christ.
    In 1Tim. 4:12, Paul admonishes Timothy to be a good example to others in speech, in how he lives and conducts himself and in faith and purity. Peter, in 1Pet.5:3, encourages the Christians to be patterns and models and examples of Christ-like living to the other believers and to all. In Philippians 3:17, Paul commands the church to, “follow his example” as he keeps the commands of the Lord, and to live according to that pattern,…. for we know even now that we are being observed at most times by the world, and the accuser of the brethern awaits an opportunity to condemn us. So not only do we wish to set forth the cause of Christ in a good and holy light in our lives but we set the example for our young ones who have very little resources of integrity to observe or follow but see degredation all around in the world of entertainment, in the games they play, in the movies and TV that they watch and the music they listen to.
    If the example we set forth in our lives is the ONLY thing that influences then let us be excellent in our demeanor and humble in our attitude.

  2. Sobering words above. I see in John 13:15 that Jesus our Lord became a servant by example and washed the disciples feet and then said “…you ought also to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.”

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