Prayer Request

I receive many prayer request and seemly I am receiving more and more letters with issues like this letter.

I would like to ask each of you for your comments and ways to pray and answer this type of letter. And, of course if you feel lead to pray for this young Christian Lady and her Mom which is also a Christian. I understand they both attend church regularly.

Then we have the issue of ‘friend’ in the letter, also a Christian Mom with grown children and grandchildren. The man I understand she has not even met yet. Just telephone communicaton. As you will read neither man claims to be a Christian.

” Keep my Mother in prayer concerning her blood sugar. It’s high and the doctors say she might have (Diabetes). But I rebuke that in Jesus’ Name.

My man and I have given Mom a new nick-name…”Big Bad Mama”. She’s never scared of anything including the drug and drunk man that she ran off. Thank the Lord he didn’t have a gun or anything. I really covet your prayers.

All of you there please keep me and my man in your prayers. We are still doing great. It’s been about a year that we’ve been together. I’m thankful for that. We all need somebody, those of us who want to have someone. His wild friends and two relatives are all still trying to date my Mom, although they ask about my sister, also.

My man lives in a house with several other guys. This month he finally took me to his house when I was on vacation. He had vacation the same week so I went and spent time at his house and left at 3 a.m. before the buddies and relatives came home. I never spend overnight at his house as he’s always got those buddies there.

What we sometimes do is go to another friend’s house and the friend goes somewhere else for the night.

Sometimes I have to pick him up somewhere when he can’t drive home and then we come to my place and we get up real early so that I can take him back to work in another town. Please keep us in your prayers;

I am madly in love with my man and he with me. Please pray that we can get married. I know that would be the right thing to do. We would have to get married in another state because in this state you have to have a social security card which he doesn’t have and he wants to get all his legal things taken care of. We talk about babies and having a family. (YOU ASKED IF I WERE GOING TO GIVE HIM A FAMILY SOON) My response is that that…yes I do want children, one day, at least two and not any more!! It’s been in my thoughts and prayers right now. I know I have loans and bills to pay. Pray that I will get these paid off soon. Yes, I would like to have my own family even within the next year or two and not much longer than that because my Mom at this point will still be able to take care of them before she passes on. Because, right now with Mom here I can still work and she says that she can watch the children until I come home from work. I know now that they can be taken care of by Mom. If I were to wait until later in life, and she passes on, and I had children, there would be a problem because I would still have to work to support them. And after she is gone it’s just going to be me, here. My extended family is strange and not too supportive. Most members of the family are anti-social and I’m not having it where I’d have to stick my children in any Day Care because it is dangerous in some of the Centers.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yes, we need to get married and he needs to get things straight before a family happens. Then on the other hand if we don’t marry, I’m in a hard place also and still need my family before Mom passes on because of the timing in her life. And I need kids to be around me and take care of me when I get older because, of course, Mom is not going to be here forever. I know that without my own family, after Mom would be gone, I wouldn’t have anyone but GOD because the rest of my family does not communicate with us.

Please pray for me and my man, as I know you do. My Mom really likes him and when he comes to stay she welcomes him lovingly and he and she feel like he’s already a part of our family. From my descriptions of him to my friends, they concede that they have seen a huge difference in my life in the past year. I am thrilled and overflowing with joy

My best friend’s man is moving here and she is crying tears of happiness. I told her I was as happy for her as she if for me in our new-found loves. Her family doesn’t like him and they haven’t even met him, yet! He doesn’t drink but he smokes. My man doesn’t smoke but he drinks a little, but not as much as the last guy I was with that left me. My guy is not a Christian yet but folks have been trying to get him to go to church. ”

Please ask all in your church to pray for us.

There’s even more to the story but please pray for us. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request”

  1. What would Jesus say and how would He speak to this poor soul who is asking for prayer for her situation? I tried to meditate on how Jesus, full of compassion, love and tenderness but right and just, would respond to this cry for help. I, too am asking what would be the godly approach to this person’s situation….since HELP was requested….that is prayer. I can think of many Scriptures, some spoken by Jesus, some by Paul as how to approach this IN THE CHURCH. But only the Lord God/Holy Spirit can give wisdom to us on this.
    I think about moats and beams in the eye; I think about not judging lest we be judge; I think about admonishing a brother with all love and tenderness; I think about “whom the Lord loves He chasteneth”; I think of all these things; I think of my own shortcomings and blind spots. And I think

  2. I have tried to do as the writer asked, pray. I have shared with all as I was requested to do by the writer. I have also shared with our local prayer group to pray for enlightment, illumination of the heart and mind. Guidance, wisdom and understanding. The eyes of the heart to be turned toward Our Heavenly Father, and allow the love of Jesus to give His love and confidence and assurance that He still cares and will take care of her. Praying for the driection of the Holy Spirit to be heard and obeyed. I have asked for the gift of salvation for the two men that are in need of knowing the Lord. In our group we prayed and sang songs of praises, joy and God’s peace in all lives.

    We have lifted all to the Throne of God including our ownselves, thoughts, motives and actions.

    I also am adding that I would like for us to pray for Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist and other workers in God’s Kingdom that truth, understanding, patience, (the fruit of the Spirit) will be their portion and part. “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.:

    Really, I guess the ‘old fashion’ word would be true revival will ring out in our land, in the world, and in churches. I pray that our churches will not lose their flavor. Mark 9:50 (Salt is good, but if the salt loses its flavor, how will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace with one another.)

    So sorry, about my long response. As most of you know I seemly start praying and just don’t want to stop!!!!! More and More I have come to understand I don’t have the answer but I know the “ANSW”ER”.

    I must say that at this very moment from sharing my heart of prayer it has caused the harp strings of my soul to vibrate with a joyful song. It’s like put my cell phone on Vibrate and Go!!!!! May all be blessed today as we bless HIM>>>

    1. What more can we pray other than what the Lord himself prayed…Our Father …..give us this day our daily bread…and as I have learned Jesus is the Living manna come from Heaven broken for all….and so this is my prayer for the writer…given them this day their daily bread…and let thy will be done on earth..(the earth that is them)..for we are but dust…and Father give wisdom by your precious Holy Spirit to all involved…

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