Ode to Geriatrics

We got Geriatrics in the city,
Geriatrics in our homes,
Geriatrics in the country
Geriatrics living alone.

I’ve got geriatric plants in my geriatric greenhouse
And geriatric books on my geriatric shelves.
Geriatric dust on my geriatric furniture
And geriatric money in the geriatric bank.

I’ve got a geriatric dog
Who needs a geriatric to walk him.
There’s a geriatric tape playing
In my geriatric taper player.
And a geriatric pile of bills
That long have been a’waiting.

I gave a geriatric monologue at a business meeting today;
After I spent four hours looking for an article that I had forgotten
where I stored it away.

My geriatric ‘moment’ has turned into a geriatric day.
My ‘juvenile’ aquaintances no longer ask me to play.
Now geriatric’s not a curseword if it’s used in a way that’s
It becomes one when it grows into a tree that overtakes my mind.

For Geriatric is great wisdom
When I use it in my Creator’s way.
Geriatric can bring light and love
And healing every day.
If I use my geriatric gifts and talents
In new things I do and say
I may see ‘geriatric’ in a whole new way!

Deborah Chaves
Horticulture Instructor
Monroe Technology Center
703-771-6563 (fax)

Published by Debi

I live in Leesburg, Virginia where I teach high school students in the Agriculture Department. Additionaly, I am self-employed as a horticultural consultant and landscape designer. "Beefriend the Bees!" and "Neither Here Nor There" are children's books I wrote and illustrated available from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Deborah Chaves&x=12&y=25. Other interests include singing and playing my guitar (also have a CD for sale on Amazon called "Gardening Therapy"); walking my American Bulldog, Cloud and Olde English Bulldogge, Sky; staying active in my local church, and blogging on the www.thedailylily.com.

8 thoughts on “Ode to Geriatrics

  1. USAGE Geriatric is the normal, semiofficial term used in the U.S. and Britain when referring to the health care of old people (: a geriatric ward; | geriatric patients). When used outside such contexts, however, it typically carries overtones of being worn out and decrepit.

    Amen, sometimes I feel I have geriatric grace, mercy, faith, and daze.

    But the “Ancient of Days’ has everlasting mercies, sufficient grace for all times and seasons, and a willingness and ability to increase faith. So when I feel and sing the geriatric blues I will remember your ode to my blues and take the meds and sing with the Psalmist. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23:6

    1. I say amen with you Sara to what the Psalmist wrote….because thats the best Geriatric Ward ever…dwelling in the House of the Lord…forever and having Goodness and Mercy following and looking after us in our (geriatric days)…dj

    2. Yes, Sara, it is true, “when used outside of contexts, it typically carries overtones of being worn out and decrepit.”
      When I read this blog, I began to think of lots of things…things my grandmother taught me, what the Bible promises for those who obey their parents, how God blessed Sara and Abraham in their “geriatric” years. We need not take “geriatric” out of context, these people have more knowledge then any “youngster” I’ve ever cared for, and probably respected and obeyed their parents all their life. Yes, Debbie, we need to be reminded…”Ode to Geriatrics”, they certainly have much to offer to a younger generation.

  2. Thanks for your ode to geriatrics. I hope you enjoy this alliteration,

    G is for Grace and glory surrounding us.
    E is for everlasting love we are given from our Lord.
    R is for reaping the rewards from heaven by standing and with standing
    I is for insightfulness which wisdom affords.
    A is for action in walking and dancing out our faith, just praising
    the Lord.
    T is for trusting in the Lord every step of the way.
    R is for reading the Word and learning something new everyday.
    I is for igniting others so they can become the unique people
    the Lord has made them.
    C is for Christians collaborating everywhere and flowing in the
    Holy Spirit
    S is for smile which God gives to all his lovely children.

  3. Wonder Of Wonders…I love your ode to geriatrics seeing how I had to put my geriatric glasses on to even read your geriatric ode….and I love the last part about geriatric being great wisdom when used in our Creators way….dj

  4. Debi’s article on Geriatrics inspired and elicited some amusing quotes concerning this subject. As I hear them I will try to share them with you.
    Barbara Johnson, a Christian writer and speaker, says in the delightful devotional, JOY FOR A WOMAN’S SOUL, Zondervan Corp. publisher…. (and I quote) “I’m all for nostalgia but it’s hard to be nostalgic WHEN YOU CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!”
    And MG says, ” I don’t want to be a GERI-ACTRESS!!!
    More to come, folks.

  5. OK, we better get our “geriatric actions” on the move. I saw last night that we can just walk right up to a vending machine and buy a new I-Pod, plus any and everything for our electronic equipment.

    We should not be geriatric in our equipment but if we have them make then publish and produce the message of Our King and His Glory, His Coming, His Love, His, mine and ours!!!!!

    I am just so thriled how God has made our life so simple and easy so we can share His Love with all.

  6. “Centenarians are the fastest growing segment of our population. The second fastest is the age group 85+.

    Currently, there are about 40,000 centenarians in the United States, or a little more than 1 centenarian per 10,000 in the population; 85% of them are women, 15% are men” from Boston University Medical School

    From the stats it appears women will have a better chance of singing the “ode to geriatrics”
    then men.

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