My son, God’s Son

Monday afternoon, my son, Nathaniel, was very adamant about going in the attic. I asked him what did he need in the attic. He said, “oh, I just need to get something.” No matter what I said, it was obvious that he was going to be persistent, about getting in the attic, so I allowed him to go. While in the attic, he noticed the Christmas stuff, and asked if we could put the Christmas tree up. Well, I explained that it is a little early for that, since we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet, and he was agreeable. Yet, he continued to look around at the Christmas boxes, and noticed the little Nativity box. He said, “Oh, mama, can I put the Nativity scene out?” I thought to myself, “it is never too early to remember the baby Jesus’s birth.” I said, “Of course, you can!” He so excitedly brought it down out of the attic, and I allowed him to put it anywhere he wanted to. He was so happy to put out the little stable, Mary and Joseph, the wise men, and the baby Jesus. Then his brother,Nicholas, got excited about the Nativity going up and came up with some great suggestions on how to incorporate the STAR.

I talked to them about how wonderful it was to remember that very special night, and how the wise men brought their gifts to the new born King.

God, thank you that you allowed my sons to remind me,that it is never too early to remember that awesome night The King was born!


16 thoughts on “My son, God’s Son”

  1. Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions are all wonderful times to
    give exceptional gifts. Giving an extraordinary gift can be just as
    rewarding as receiving the gift. I know this because one time, I gave
    what I thought to be the most precious gift ever. The moment I did
    this, my heart was touched like an angel wing brushing against my
    shoulder. When I was in second grade, I was given a brand new, shiny,
    silver dollar from my great grandmother for Christmas. I loved my great
    grandmother so much! She was a beautiful, sweet woman that had a smile
    that could light up an entire room. Her gift meant so much to me. I
    held it in my hand and squeezed it tightly as if it were a helium
    balloon ready to take off. I took it to church as well. The church
    was decorated beautifully and looked like a shimmering Christmas scene.
    It had an enormous nativity scene with all sorts of gifts that were
    put there by different parishioners. I looked back and forth between my
    silver dollar and the amazing nativity scene scattered with all the
    special gifts. I then had a bit of an internal struggle with myself.

    That silver dollar meant everything to me. Could I let it go? Could I
    give it up? I knew that giving up this precious treasure would make my
    heart feel like the Grinch’s heart after he gave back Christmas to
    the Whos, but I wasn’t sure if I could be so generous. I stood
    before the manger with baby Jesus all tucked away, and suddenly my hand
    opened as if it were guided by an angel. I placed the silver dollar in
    the hay and peered at it only for a moment before I walked away. I
    left with a better gift than the silver dollar, or any gift that I had
    ever gotten for that matter – – I left with a heart filled with joy!

    1. Another LOVELY, TRUE Christmas story,Kim. The gift of giving goes on from generation to generation. Thanks for sharing that beautiful moment with us when you offered sacrificially to the Baby Jesus. That opened the way for you to receive what Father God offered sacrificially to you (and to us all)…JESUS CHRIST His Son.

    2. Hi Kim
      I enjoyed reading this touching account. You were like the Wise men in the Nativity who brought their most precious gifts to King. May you always have a heart filled with joy!

    3. Hi Kim, You still have that joy and love and the gift of giving and it spills over into many lives including mine. Your name has become synonymous with Joy, Love and Giving

      Your Nativity Story is contagious to one’s heart. I am touched by your joy of giving and love. Thanks for sharing.

      Acts 20:35 KJV “I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

      Message states it like this “You’ll not likely go wrong here if you keep remembering that our Master said, ‘You’re far happier giving than getting.'”

      And, as we are fortunate enough to know and understand giving is the Nativity.

      Thanks Tammy and Nathaniel for being so focused on God’s love by “show and tell” that whosoever will can know and receive His love.

  2. Hi Nathaniel and Nicholas
    I, too, have my nativity up already. As your Mother said, it is never too early to gaze upon the love of Jesus. I just love your picture and the place that you placed the nativity scene.

    I hope and pray many children all over the world will see you and your love for Jesus and will invite Jesus into their hearts this Christmas season.

    You both are very special and we love you and thank you for sharing with us the Birth of Jesus. By the way, did you know Dec. 1, the movie of The Nativity Story will be coming to the theatre? Hope you both get to see it.

    Love, Miss Sara

  3. Oh, Needles, your story of the boys “search for the Christ Child” is
    warm and moving. You “suffered” permitted, allowed your sons to seek after the nativity and did not Forbid. That’s just what Jesus said when the disciples were sending the children away from Jesus. He said in Mark 10:14, but when Jesus saw they were shooing them away He was displeased and said to His disciples, “Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of God.. Verily I say unto you that whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom as a little child, he shall not enter therein.” Your sons are in the prophetic mode of the Gospels. How wonderful!

  4. I love nativity sets and have a about four plus one special one.
    My mother decided that since I had such a love for children and would someday have grandchildren that she would make me a special nativity. She crocheted each character the size of a liquid detergent bottle. The character can be stretched over the detergent bottle. She said that way kids could play with them by the hours. That set is the most special to me – the hands of a mother who loved children and wanted to touch future generations with the love of God that it represents (Jesus sent to us by a loving God.)

  5. Just seeing Nathaniel’s picture arranging the figures in the Nativity got me excited to get mine out and up! And Nicholas had the passion of the Wise men…intent on reaching that Star. Thanks for sharing your sons’ inspiration with us, Needles.

  6. I read what you shared about Nathaniel and the Nativity…I saw the Sons love for Humanity..and the Fathers Heart in all of this….The Son(Jesus) saying to the Father..May I take the Light to Mankind and the world? and the Father saying Yes Son ….Salvation its never too early …Oh how beautiful this story is and to see the picture of The Son(your son)putting all things right…..thank you for sharing this …dj

  7. Hi! I am ten years old and love to set up the Nativity set. You are right when you say it doesn’t have to be Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus! I can’t wait to hear for about it! Thank you for reminding us that it is never to early to remember Jesus’s birth!
    With Faith,

    1. Hi Grace, if you would like to share a picture of your nativity with The Daily Lily send it to me when you get it set up and I will post for you.

      TOTO is writing a story on the Christmas Angel and we are all so looking forward to reading her story.

      And, Nicholas, I know you are trying to find a way to hang the STAR and we will look forward to your picture as well.

      Thank you Grace, TOTO, Nicholas and Nathaniel for sharing so generously to encourage all of us at The Daily Liiy. I know all your Moms and Dads are so proud of you and so is Ms. O. and myself as well.
      With lots of love,

  8. Tammy, seeing Nathaniel setting up the nativity reminds me of when I was a little girl. My job was to set up the nativity. My mother has a large nativity that she sets up on her table. One of our friends built the stable for baby Jesus and his mother and father. My job was to go outside and collect the pine straw to put in the stable. Then my mother would help me carefully place each precious piece of the collection in the stable. I was so excited as we celebrated our Lord’s birthday. My boys, Noah and Luke, help me set up my mother’s nativity each year. We always put baby Jesus in first and then we place the other pieces in the stable. I tell my boys if we put Jesus first in our lives than the other pieces of our lives will just fall in place. We need to do this daily. I have my own nativity. It’s not very big. I never take it down. I keep it up year round, as a reminder of that precious baby that gave his life to save me. Tammy, thanks for such an awesome blog.

    1. Many times I have to remind myself of this truth “put Jesus first and than the other pieces of our lives will just fall in place.” When the day’s schedule gets so busy or seemly it is in my mind it seems like the easy thing would be to put Jesus on hold.

      I have to confess complacency in the face of God’s commands and ask God for the grace it takes to take His Word seriously and walk in obedience to His Holy Word. I pray that I will quit the noise in my heart so that I will speak clear and without confusion.

      I also pray for all of us that participate on The Daily Lily that we would have the grace to walk wisely and with great courage daily as we serve Him in all our actions and deeds. May they please Him at all times. May we seek His guidance before we act and may all our actions make a difference for good so that others may see our good works and glorify our Heavenly Father.

      1. Sara, I love your response to the telling the children to place Baby Jesus in the Manger Scene, first and then place the others around about Him. May we all take heed to those words of wisdom; not put Jesus on hold, this Season or any season of our lives.

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