A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of again visiting Mrs. Davis (of “Mrs. Davis’ Garden”) as she had called me for a landscape consultation regarding her boxwood. It was my initial visit with Mrs. Davis and seeing her beautiful boxwood gardens and her passion and love for them that inspired the song on my CD, ‘Gardening Therapy‘, Mrs. Davis’ Garden”. In fact the Lord gave the tune and many of the words as I drove home form her house that day.

It was a windy, cold day on this recent visit to her lovely home, but the warm reception from her and her gracious daughter-in-law made me forget all about that. They welcomed me with hugs and kisses and couldn’t stop thanking me for the CD and telling me how much they loved it. I noticed it lay displayed on a coffee table between them. Mrs. Davis said to me that her grandson, a music major at Drew University, had been listening to it and playing along with his guitar. How honored, I told her, I felt by that. As we conversed, I discovered that Mrs. Davis was quite an artist. Her beautiful paintings hung on the walls all around us in the cheery parlor. She commented that she had no musical talents like other members of her family but she did possess the gift of art

Her expression became very serious then as she relayed the ‘boxwood tragedy’ that had occurred last summer. This is why she had called for me to come. She had been out on the side porch with her son and grandson where they often ate their dinner. They felt to go inside. Moments later a terrible downwind from a surrounding storm ripped through the yard taking down two huge pecan trees that were over one hundred years old. They heard a terrible crash. The windows on that side of the house were darkened (but amazingly not broken!) by the branches and leaves from the fallen trees. To their horror the trees had fallen on the side porch and leveled it to the ground. (This was the very porch where nearly two years earlier I had sat with her neighbors and friends to discuss boxwood.) Miraculously all had escaped unharmed because they had felt to come back in the house moments earlier. Her daughter-in-law said the angels must have been there. Oh, I said! That was God’s grace that you escaped unharmed. Mrs. Davis then said to me that maybe I should write a song about grace.

Mrs. Davis bundled up in her scarf and coat and stoically ventured out into the cold wind to view the boxwood damage from this event. As we walked around the house and gardens, she relayed the events of that horrific day and pointed to each damaged survivor lamenting over their deformities. Her daughter-in-law quoted verses from ‘Mrs. Davis’s Garden’ regarding the boxwood, saying such things as ‘there are the battle scars from the storms you sang about.” It was sad to see the damaged boxwood but Mrs. Davis had acted quickly like a faithful Florence Nightingale, though she admitted unknowingly. She had propped up broken branches with wooden slats and her quick reactions had proven effective. The scars were already starting to mend just like skin grafts. After finishing the inspection, I assured her that it was not as bad a ‘tragedy’ as it could have been. The brave boxwood were already showing signs of new growth and one of her hospital patients ( a rescue boxwood that she had transplanted and saved) in the lower ‘hospital garden’ would do nicely as replacement for one of the two that just didn’t survive the battle. We ended the visit on a hopeful note and each felt happy and comforted that the beautiful boxwood gardens had endured a storm. Who would have known that a song that the Lord gave me over a year prior to this storm would have proven to be so true.
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