Praying or Sleeping

Are we sleepy, praying or just bored with Mom?

Luke and Noah


7 thoughts on “Praying or Sleeping”

  1. Oh, how cute! I think Luke is bored and wants breakfast and Noah is praying a long prayer.

    Oh, second thought, maybe Noah is sound asleep. Give us a clue what were they doing the night before?

    They are just darling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like Luke is less than impressed with his “GRITS SANDWICH” for lunch, but Noah is making the best of it by praying over it and maybe when he opens his eyes he’ll find a hot fudge sundae on his plate???
    Darling kids!!!!

  3. Oh, I think Noah might be praying that the poptart would turn into a great big waffle with bacon! Now, Luke might just be wondering if that poptart is gona fit in his mouth?!?!? So sweet!!

  4. What an adorable picture. Noah looks like he asleep and ready to fall onto his plate and Luke just might like to try and stay awake just long enough to eat the pop tart and then zzzzzz!!!!! I think Mom must have had them on a very busy schedule the day before with a lot of fresh air and now they need a little r and r.

  5. Maybe Noah is praying and Luke is getting one more yawn in before he begins. Whether it’s praying, sleeping or still feeling sleepy, this is a memorable picture of brothers’ breakfast together. Precious.

  6. It seems like Noah is praying for just a little more sleep and Luck is finding it hard to believe its really morning with a big yawn of ” I must be dreaming, it cant really be morning”….yep its a poptart and Im not dreaming….its morning….(cute)…dj

  7. This picture brings back lots of memories for me. I look at this picture and I look at my boys now, wow! I think where has the time gone? I had to get them up early that morning. I think we were going to the beach. Luke was always early to bed and early to rise. Noah would try to stay awake at night and sleep later. Time sure does fly!!!!

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