11 thoughts on “Retreat 2007 Bee and Bird Skit

  1. Chickenfarmer and Needles, this is some skit! Who wrote this? I think the hospital should pay you girls overtime to work the next shift and bring laughter. As we all have been told many times, laughter brings healing. Sure would be a lot of healing with this screem.

  2. Watching this sure made my day! I don’t know if I laughed louder at the costumes or the script! Way to go Chickenfarmer and Needles!!!

  3. Needles and Chickenfarmer!
    You ought to take this show on the road! It is hilarious and your comedy still conveys the “message”. Good show. Keep writing and performing. And keep the laughs coming!

  4. I just LUV the costumes but I think BIRD needs a WING TRIM!
    Oh, and is it major surgery to have a STINGER removed?

  5. Chickenfarmer and Needles…you two are quite a pair…I laughed..and kept on laughing every time I thought of the bee stinging herself:)…and Bird she she sure is a rare kind of species…talk about Holy Laughter ..this sure must be what starts it…and what creativity….your lights sure are shining bright…dj

  6. Tooooo Funnnnnny!! I don’t know who those girls are, but they are CRAZY!!! This is hilarious!!! Needles is an awesome bird!! Way to go Needles!! Just teaches us a good lesson. Watch where you sit!!!

  7. Needles and Chickenfarmer…this was a retreat too “TWEET” not to “BEE” at and miss this wonderful skit….The Daily Lily retreats is the place to Bee where fellowship is sweet as honey…..:)dj

  8. Oh what a wonderful reminder of this awesome skit. The video makes me laugh all over again. I can’t wait until next year to see what the bee and bird come up with.
    Thanks to Chickenfarmer and Needles for letting their creativity flow and flow in such a joyful, hilarious way bringing us an anointed story. Go girls go, your great!!!

  9. DJ ! Your comments we cute and very clever! Seems the inspiration is catching!

    GARY….It must BEE The Carolina State Bee or could it bee “THE CAROLINA STATE SPELLING BEE” ???

  10. Yes, Gary, the black and yellow honey bee is the North Carolina state insect.
    And look!!!….she’s right here….on thedailylily!!! Great costume Chickenfarmer!! Oh, such fun, and what a privilege, to be on stage, with the
    writer of this hilarious script!

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