I have become enamored of a very ancient fellow. He has captured my heart. He has made my soul tremble, anew. He has presented me with didactic instruction and unlike the intimate, captivating allure of SONG OF SOLOMON, this message from my wise, elderly, prophetic herdsman and the tender of Sycamore trees, STAYS me in my tracks. He has spoken directly to me. He has checked me in my path. He speaks not like the romantic, glorious descriptions of the ‘shadow” of our Beloved Christ, as in The Song of Songs. But this man puts a mirror before me, a looking glass and I see NOT quite darkly but quite discerningly. This old fellow is , well, not scary but definitely terrifying!

Do you want to know who my new OLD friend is? Let me give you some clues. He starts his lesson with a question….a good teaching tool, I have been told by the educational experts. He asks..,”can two walk together, except they be agreed?”
This sounds like Sara’s teaching on ‘Relationship, Friendship & Fellowship.’ Can there be any consent in sharing goals and targets if there is a lack of communication and agreement? This old man is pretty sharp. He asks me if I am walking with people, “talking” with people, taking up precious time with people who don’t have the same goals and desires and passions that God has given me. Am I forcing the issue on prolonging these “relationships” and beating a dead horse? Sounds like he has been talking to Sara.

Then my “friend” shows how much concern he has for me and that he cares for me. For he warns me very sternly with a message from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. My “friend” tells me that God has complained to him about His people who offer superficial worship and praise to the LIVING GOD. He is speaking of those who give lip service to our KING but hearts are far from HIM. My friend says that the Lord told him to tell GOD’S people that the LORD GOD HATES and despises the feast days of those who put on a religious show and He cannot abide the stench of their solemn assemblies and will not accept their peace offerings. He cannot abide the NOISE of their songs and will not listen to their music.
And then he says that the Lord has dropped a plumbline, the plumbline of righteousness in our midst.

Plumb means to fall or sink straight down; to test or sound for depth; to discover the facts, truth or contents of; to fathom, solve, understand. (Web. Collegiate) The Lord’s Plumbline makes the demarcation between righteousness and evil; between light and darkness. He is dropping it in the midst of His people and looking to discern between those who are of the Truth and those who are faking it.

He warns us that the Lord will look upon us as a basket of Summer Fruits, ready to ripen and rot away. He encourages me to stay faithful in the WORD OF GOD because there is coming a famine of the WORD and to hunger and thirst after the WORD now while it is still day, for the night will surely come when the WORD will not be available. So I must fill myself with it, now.

I thank God for my friend and his obedience to the Lord God to tell us of these things. I thank him for that. I love him for that.

Can you see why I love this fellow who has told me all the truth that God has given him? You will love him, too, this humble servant of the Lord. His name is AMOS!