Ancient Fellow-my friend

I have become enamored of a very ancient fellow. He has captured my heart. He has made my soul tremble, anew. He has presented me with didactic instruction and unlike the intimate, captivating allure of SONG OF SOLOMON, this message from my wise, elderly, prophetic herdsman and the tender of Sycamore trees, STAYS me in my tracks. He has spoken directly to me. He has checked me in my path. He speaks not like the romantic, glorious descriptions of the ‘shadow” of our Beloved Christ, as in The Song of Songs. But this man puts a mirror before me, a looking glass and I see NOT quite darkly but quite discerningly. This old fellow is , well, not scary but definitely terrifying!

Do you want to know who my new OLD friend is? Let me give you some clues. He starts his lesson with a question….a good teaching tool, I have been told by the educational experts. He asks..,”can two walk together, except they be agreed?”
This sounds like Sara’s teaching on ‘Relationship, Friendship & Fellowship.’ Can there be any consent in sharing goals and targets if there is a lack of communication and agreement? This old man is pretty sharp. He asks me if I am walking with people, “talking” with people, taking up precious time with people who don’t have the same goals and desires and passions that God has given me. Am I forcing the issue on prolonging these “relationships” and beating a dead horse? Sounds like he has been talking to Sara.

Then my “friend” shows how much concern he has for me and that he cares for me. For he warns me very sternly with a message from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. My “friend” tells me that God has complained to him about His people who offer superficial worship and praise to the LIVING GOD. He is speaking of those who give lip service to our KING but hearts are far from HIM. My friend says that the Lord told him to tell GOD’S people that the LORD GOD HATES and despises the feast days of those who put on a religious show and He cannot abide the stench of their solemn assemblies and will not accept their peace offerings. He cannot abide the NOISE of their songs and will not listen to their music.
And then he says that the Lord has dropped a plumbline, the plumbline of righteousness in our midst.

Plumb means to fall or sink straight down; to test or sound for depth; to discover the facts, truth or contents of; to fathom, solve, understand. (Web. Collegiate) The Lord’s Plumbline makes the demarcation between righteousness and evil; between light and darkness. He is dropping it in the midst of His people and looking to discern between those who are of the Truth and those who are faking it.

He warns us that the Lord will look upon us as a basket of Summer Fruits, ready to ripen and rot away. He encourages me to stay faithful in the WORD OF GOD because there is coming a famine of the WORD and to hunger and thirst after the WORD now while it is still day, for the night will surely come when the WORD will not be available. So I must fill myself with it, now.

I thank God for my friend and his obedience to the Lord God to tell us of these things. I thank him for that. I love him for that.

Can you see why I love this fellow who has told me all the truth that God has given him? You will love him, too, this humble servant of the Lord. His name is AMOS!

9 thoughts on “Ancient Fellow-my friend

  1. Amos being a farmer of sycamore figs and a shepherd understood and knew action. I have a brother that is a farmer and owner of livestock and I have watched him and have come to understand both farming and shepherding calls for continuous action. Little or no vacation and sometimes little sleep. Animals give birth at odd hours and need food daily as well as other care just as the farming of fresh foods, like figs need our undivided attention when in season.

    As I read and study Amos he writes like a good farmer inviting us to action. Such as understand and know God and His ways. He goes on encourage, don’t be discouraged, hungry and thirst (do you think he saw this in the sheep?) And on he goes with another crop or tending of new sheep, Allow, be zealous, exercise control, practice temperance, Reject a bad attitude, practice temperance and be unselfish among some other action words.

    OK, small book but a lifetime of work and tending and caring to myself, and others to make a better farming community.

  2. Sara, thank you.
    With this further insight into OUR FRIEND AMOS, you have made me love him even more. I have read his writings times before but this time was my time to get to “SEE” and take to heart these prophetic warnings before Jesus comes.
    I see the connection between what the Lord has told us in WORKING, WORKING, WORKING…and now telling us that we must WORK SMARTER! Continuous WORK, like AMOS, like your brother’s vocation, but now in the KINGDOM OF CHRIST and these END TIMES, more efficiently, more accurately, more concentrated, more focused.
    In the part of his prophecy about the “basket of Summer fruits”, I felt sad that all this lovely fruit of the summer harvest would be wasted, of no use. In this prophecy, the Lord told Amos that that’s what would happen to God’s people…soon to be destroyed like a basket of over-ripe fruit. But I also thought about the “works and fruits “of the labor of our hands. Are the FRUITS of our LABOR going to waste? Are we WORKING with the right intentions? What is happening to the fruit of our labor? The Lord said in Amos 5 that HE would NOT accept their worship, their sacrifices and their music.
    He will not accept the works of FAITHLESS labor, useless activity that is not designed by the Lord. Working without a cause. James talks about that, also. He says that WORKS without FAITH is DEAD, just as Faith without WORKS is dead. WOOD, HAY, STUBBLE!, to be cast into the fire, Jesus said.
    Oh, Lord, my prayer is that as we do the Works of the Lord with the express purpose of bringing souls into the Kingdom, may the work ethic of Amos and those diligent saints who have gone before us and left us their heritage of an excellent work ethic…may we be inspired to be changed and transformed into a TRUE LABOR UNION with CHRIST and one another to bring about the transformation of those whom CHRIST has assigned us to. We can only do this by laboring in the Harvest Fields for CHRIST, and HIM alone.

  3. …taking up other’s time with conversation of no value to them would seem very serious to me. Not only are we wasting our time but theirs. Double time wasters, this sure would not be working smart.

    August for some makes one stop and think about the end of summer and the beginning of Fall and setting a schedule for our fall whether classes, work or play. It also calls for different clothing, the need for some heat in our homes and even different foods to eat to warm our bodies.

    Merchants have provided us with new tools, new colors and new ways of doing things. We must sort through and find the best for our situations. We have much to do w/o involving the whole world in our world. I think we better be thinking about a way to utilize our summer fruit and prepare them for the winter. Much like canning or freezing or other preparations. Not waste time, resources and other valuables given to us by God.

  4. …Ive been thinking aon what Ive learned about friends from our recent Daily Lily retreat that said friends are like shepards that care for you…and now what MG has shared about Amos and what Sara has shared about time wasting…..and working smart….I ve found in Proverbs 6;7-11…that the ant sure would make a good friend to hang around….you know shes prepared in season and out and shes wise….:)dj

  5. At the “Throwing Your Light Forward” retreat we spent much time on learning “The right relationship is everything” from Sara’s workbook. It would seem that if we don’t have an understanding of how to grow and maintain a healthy relationship than we will waste valuable resources as Sara said above.
    Wasting time in valueless conversations or activities to me is a misunderstanding, misuse and abuse of a relationship. Just like in farming. Amos must have understood that fertilizer is good but to be used differently and in varying amounts depending upon the crop. Too much fertilizer poured on his sycamore figs may have produced the opposite effect of what he had hoped for…too many leaves and no fruit…just useless, excessive waste. Reminds me of Proverbs 10:19 “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise. The tongue of the wise is choice silver.” I would like to be a good steward of all God’s resources.

  6. This morning as I was reviewing an old “morning papers” from a couple of years ago, I found this comment which I had written in response to a devotional and it seemed very appropriate for this present time having just come from retreat where we learned about relationships, friendships and fellowships. We were also told that a message from the Lord for us this year is
    Finding this comment that I’d gleaned from the teachings, I had written: “Faith is expressed and manifested in WORKS!” And I added….GOOD WORKS….but nevertheless…WORK!!!!
    James said, “I’ll show you my faith by my works”

  7. Col.3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”… Now, Amos tells us, as Sara put it, to be “zealous, exercise control, practice temperance, reject a bad attitude and
    be unselfish.” Now, if I would continue to remind myself of this scripture here in Colossians, (“as working for the Lord”), then it may become easier for me to have “zeal, control, temperance, reject bad attitudes, unselfishness”, and possess the ability to “work smarter”. Thank you, MG, for this blog!

  8. Amos a man of God. (The NLT-LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE) “Surely Amos was a man of God, a person’s life was devoted to serving the Lord and who’s life-style reflected this devotion- but he was a layperson. Herding sheep and tending sycamore-fig trees in the Judean countryside, Amos was not the son of a prophet; he was not the son of a priest. As a humble shepherd, he could have stayed in Tekoa, doing his job, providing for his family and worhiping his God. But God gave Amos a vision of the future (1:1) and told him to take his message to Israel, the northern kingdom(7:15) Amos obeyed and thus proved he was a man of God.” This is an introduction to my Bible of the book of Amos. This introduction tells me anyone can be used to gloryify God’s Kingdom. God turned a Shepherd/Farmer into a Missionary. Taking his message to the world. Amos was throwing his light forward. God gave him a message and he ran out and told Israel. This had to be hard for him. He may have been very shy and nervous in front of people. He loved the Lord, he listened to the Lord, he trusted the Lord and he obeyed the Lord. He obeyed the Lord no matter what. He was taken out of his comfort zone and had to leave his family, sheep and crop and tell his world that they were sinning and God didn’t like it. Amos was an amazing man. Amos wasn’t complacent in his faith. He wasn’t half-hearted. He gave what he could at that time. He gave all of him. (Introduction of the Book of Amos : IMPORTANCE) 1.All people will have to account for their sin. When those who reject God seem to get ahead, don’t envy their prosperity or feel sorry for yourself. Remember that we all must answer to God for how we live. 2. A complacent present leads to a disastrous future. Don’t congradulate yourself for the blessings and benefits you now enjoy. They are from God. If you are more satisfied with yourself than with God, remember that everything is meaningless without him. A self-sufficient attitude may be your downfall. 3.God made all people; therefore, to ignore the poor is to ignore those whom God loves and whom Christ came to save. We must go beyond feeling bad for the poor and oppressed. We must act compassionately to stop injustice and to help care for those in need. 4. Merely participating in cermony or ritual falls short of true religion. God wants simple trust in him, not showy external actions. Don’t settle for impressing others with external rituals when God wants heartfelt obedience and commitment.” These four statements, out of the introduction, sum it up. We need to be like Amos, men and women of God. We need to have a heart for our Lord, we need to love our Lord,we need to seek our Lord, we need to listen to our Lord, we need to trust our Lord and we need to obey our Lord. It really doesn’t matter about our situation at the present time. God will make a way for us. He will give us what we need. God is in control of every situation. We need to just be willing and obedient. MG, you are right! I do love this humble servant named Amos. Thank you for sharing your friend with us. Now he is my friend too.

  9. This is a blessing and we hope to hear more about AMOS. This is a comment from our new friend, DONNA D.of B.B.FLORIDA.

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