Great Shirt

My son saw this in a store today and sent this picture to me. Thought you might find it interesting with school starting ’07-’08, just days away.



7 thoughts on “Great Shirt”

  1. On thought I had regarding the T-shirt comment: we teachers (and I am a public school teacher) have a responsibility to ‘allow’ or permit God to come into our schools because if He lives in us then we are some of the ones who must bring Him in and ‘allow’ Him to speak, live and act through us. I came away from Retreat 2007 challenged that I have to throw my light forward (The Light and Life of Jesus Christ) wherever I go in order to help put out darkness. “Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.” Matt 5:15

  2. Dear God, You are allowed in some schools! There are at least 4 young boys in NC and hopefully others that I know when they go to school, so goes You! Their names are Nicholas, Nathaniel, Noah and Luke. Please strengthen them, love them, give them peace and opportunity to turn You on brighter than ever in their new school year, 07-08.

    Also, I know some teachers in Northern Virginia that when they go to school, I believe You go with them, or they say You do! Also, they take as a tool to bring you in color. Please don’t forget us as we don’t want to forget You.

    Please don’t give up on our schools yet, and our youth we are working on faith in our schools, home and workplace.

    Thank You for giving us an opportunity to keep working and enjoying our work until You come again.

    PS, Dear God, there are two Mom’s of these 4 young boys that go to school almost daily to take their children and to help in the school and they take you and The Daily so others may know and desire to take You to school with them.

    Also my husband, Gary, goes each day with her co-worker John and they are hoping to take You with them each day to many schools. Also, don’t forget the ones of us that encourage each one to shine for You as they go each day to school, hospitals, and other related workplaces.

    Help all of us that post and comment on this site to pick it up a notch for You so You will shine brighter in our schools as we continue to work this year once again to give You the prominence You rightly deserve in the lives of our children.

  3. Yes, we take Jesus with us wherever we go. The only way He is not in the schools is if workers and helpers or students don’t know him as Lord and Savior. God calls us to be lights. Being a Christian and teacher is an awesome responsibilty for we have eyes looking at us all the time. We are role models. We model much more than the subject matter. We role model Christian character traits all the time – are we kind, considerate, encouraging and uplifting. Are we creative and full of enthuiasm. Do we treat everyone fairly and with respect. Do we show love and encourage hard work. Honesty or fraud is easily determined. We have a lot to live up to and can only do it with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ who is our rock in all types of situations. May our light shine forth this year more than ever. May we carry out the word of God in and outside our classrooms, modeling all that we have learned at our retreat and past retreats. May others see the light and the excellence of character. We give Jesus all the praise and honor and point each one who desires to know him to the Word of God. Remember Jesus Christ loves all and is against violence and all that would cause one to think on violence. Jesus is the rock not the thrower of rocks that destroy others.

  4. In 2Corinthians 3:1-6,Paul is instructing the Corinthian church concerning a certain issue that can be translated to the subject at hand…how we Christians are perceived in the public eye and more accurately here, the PUBLIC SCHOOL. Many of the LILIES, as was stated by Sara and Debi, are involved with the public schools in our areas.
    Paul exhorts in his epistle saying to the effect that, (paraphrased) ‘we really don’t need letters of commendation or referral or authorized credentials. That WE ARE THE LETTERS of Authorized recommendation, credentials, written in our hearts to BE PERCIEVED, RECOGNIZED and KNOWN by EVERYONE.’ Paul goes on to say that we must show and make it obvious that we are a “letter….. walking, breathing, living missive of JESUS CHRIST, NOT WRITTEN with ink but with the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD….and not on parchment or copy paper or emails but on the tablets of the human heart.’
    This is a glorious challenge to all of us in the Body of Christ but especiallyhere, as we are presently engaged in speaking about the public schools. And the Scriptures say that he/she who desires to become a teacher (of the Word and of the souls of childre) desire a great thing, but I would add) have the even greater responsibility, because Paul says in James 3:1 not many of us should become teachers for we know that teachers will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity than others who are not teachers, per se. Thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condermnation.” Paul encourages us to have great self-control and to “curb our entire nature.’ Try THAT in the classroom of 32 6th graders!
    This is great encouragement to us teachers as we prepare to go back to school and to realize anew, that we are the only EPISTLE, the only WORD that many of these, our beloved students will ever be in contact with. If my conduct as a teacher means the difference between one of my precious students going to heaven or going to hell, then I must make a new radical resolve to listen to the SPIRIT of the living GOD and use my spiritual gifts to convey the message to these children that JESUS LOVES THEM. THIS I KNOW. FOR THE BIBLE TELLS THEM SO. LITTLE ONES TO HIM BELONG. WHEN THEY ARE WEAK THEN HE IS STRONG.
    Oh, Lord help us to keep this foremost in our minds as we attend workshops, meetings, planning sessions and finally open our classrooms to the parents and children….that they may see the Love of Christ flowing FORWARD through me, through us….ALL OF THE TIME>

  5. I am so grateful, for schools, that do allow prayer. May we remember to pray for our schools, workplaces, and homes. Thanks for sharing this picture with us, as we get ready for the new school season.

  6. Each day as I go to work as a custodian in the school I too pray that it is Jesus that they see and not me I do try to allow Him to shine forth through me and as summmer cleaning has been taking place my fellow custodians and I play gospel music while cleaning….we want to fill the school with praise even before the children arrive…Hes welcome in my school as long as we let our light shine…..and even if Im not there others are and I still will continue to pray for all the schools because He wants the children……Christ said let them come to me and dont stop them from comming….I intend as Sara said to pick it up a notch this year some how some way I intend to pick it up a notch…dj

  7. This shirt speaks volumes. All schools need God as the center. This would take care of the school violence, teen pregnancy, disiciple problems, ect. I am thankful for praying schools. Even if we don’t have praying schools, we can be praying students, parents, teachers or what ever role we play. We can be an advocate for God. Thanks for this picture.

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