Perception verses Perspective

I keep thinking about the recent retreat we just had on relationship, friendship, and fellowship. We learned that we must “throw our light forward”, so God’s message can be known, and relationships, friendships, and fellowships can be a success.

“Throwing our lights forward” can be done many different ways. One way is the use of “WORDS”. The question is…does the listening person, perceive (understand) what is being said? I have reviewed some scriptures and would like your input/comments, on perception and perspective. Here are the following scriptures…(Is.6:8-13, Matt.13:14-17, Mark 4:11-12, Acts 28:25-28, and Ps. 139)


23 thoughts on “Perception verses Perspective”

  1. Needles, this is a thought provoking blog! A thought I had regarding the scripture….”seeing but not seeing, hearing but not hearing….’ I am thinking about the seeing and perspective part. When I studied architecture, we were taught to study the building and ‘present’ it from different angles or perspectives. So, someone may only see a front perspective or view. This view may not tell the whole story of what the building really is. For example, it may look small from the front but really be huge and sprawling. So looking at it from just one perspective may be misleading and may not actually tell the whole truth or story about the building. So it is with our conversations. Telling something from one ‘angle’ may mislead someone. This can distort, slant and even ruin a relationship. It is important to try to relate something or convey an idea from many perspectives so the other person can see the whole picture and gain the correct understanding. ‘Throwing light forward’ from many angles will light up all the different parts. Then the other person can perceive or see and understand more accurately the perspectives of the building, truth or concept we are trying to convey to another. This will help produce healthier relationships.

  2. Oh, thank you, Debi. I guess the key is making sure you cover EVERY angle, when speaking to people. This leaves no place for darkness or “wrong perspectives”?

  3. ‘Perception and Perspective’ speaks volumes to me. A picture I had while reading your blog and reference scriptures gave me a perspective drawing of a Lock and Key.

    There is security in a good lock and a key is required to unlock the lock.

    But, the beauty of a good ‘Schlage’ lock is with a skilled locksmith and proper tools. The lock can always be re-keyed with a new key. It can also be broken into by a skilled locksmith (teacher) and with the proper and/or necessary tools.

    When one has formulated a perspective by perceiving an opinion or though from what another has said or they have seen or heard, it can be changed or broken into.

    To me ‘perception and perspective’ shows me the beauty of a loving, caring, merciful and forgiving God that has made a way for our security. Yet, He knew our seeing and hearing may be tapered with at times. The Holy Spirit, a superb and skilled locksmith can and will break the code of error and set us free, if we chose to be free.

    Great scriptures and blog to read and think on, thanks. Tammy.

  4. Oh, thank you Sara, for letting us see that our “protective locksmith”, is the Holy Spirit……if only we will choose Him.?.?

  5. The Word of God tells me that if I dont have a heart for Him/belong to Him… Ill be listening all day all my life and never hear or see(understand) spiritual or natural things…so my answer to the question”does the listening person perceive(understand) what is being said?” would have to be no.. without God…no…without Jesus…no….without the Holy Spirit…no…John8:43-47 …………and without the Daily Lilies….no…..(I might think I do but I don’t and won’t)… Thank you Lord Jesus that I belong to You…whew! dj

  6. Needles, what should one do if others cannot perceive what you are trying to tell them? What should one do if you cannot perceive what others are trying to tell or show you? Is there a needle and thread that can repair or reconstruct our thinking or their thinking to change our perceptions? “You know we are always right and they are not.” ☺

  7. Needles thanks for this mind examination of the hand in hand words perception and perspective. I thought about it for hours and have examined these words in regards to our retreat this summer. The impact of how we perceive with our eyes and ears and then communication with others determines our relationships, friendships, and fellowships. How we perceive things in our being affects our perspective on how we carry out our life and relate to others. Thinking upon this the terms perception and perspective brought the word paradigm to mind. According to the dictionary this is a “model, pattern, example, exemplar, template, standard, prototype, archetype.” As we know from the retreat our archetype is Jesus Christ or should be. Of course, I fall far from this, but want to learn how to become more and more in line with the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ way not the old earthly paradigm way of thinking that I have been running my life by, which really hasn’t served me well and actually Jesus has had to rescue me from the dangers of such thinking and acting it out many times. Jesus tells us if we would come to Him as little children He will teach us. Children love to learn and have teachable spirits. Having a teachable spirit and a good teacher we can come through. We are lucky to have a wonderful teacher here at the Daily Lily. All I can say, Sara, our teacher is an anointed Bible teacher and is able to show us that our old glasses or paradigms are in need of a new prescription.

    This morning I was reading from Luke 13: 6 – 9 (NIV) Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree, planted in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it, but did not find any.” So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, for three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down!” Why should it use up the soil? “Sir,” the man replied, “leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilize it. If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.” In my Bible notes it says that three years means in ample time. This really concerned me. In discussion with others and our teacher Sara, we are like the fig tree. God gives us wonderful instructions through skillful teachers and His word that is the fertilizer. He causes those old paradigms to be broken up, realized for what they are – vastly out of touch and focus. Then it is up to us. Are we teachable or do we put up walls and shut out the new paradigms that the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to walk in. It is up to us. As with the fig tree we can bear fruit or be cut down.

  8. I was thinking about what Sara wrote about the Locksmith…..
    I thought, the Lord Jesus is the Door…our it only seems to me that the only one who could be the true locksmith with the original key would be the Holy Spirit and Jesus did say that He the Holy Spirit would take from Jsus and give to us…bring to our rememberence what Jesus said and would help us… The Holy Spirit has is the Key to go in the Door/Jesus….who gives sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf….words to the dumb …and understanding to the understandless?…:)…dj

  9. Sara,

    I think Rena may have answered some of your questions? “Jesus tells us if we would come to Him as little children, He will teach us.” We MUST have a “teachable spirit” and DESIRE to have Jesus as our “paradigm or archetype”. (which we also learned at the recent retreat) Maybe this can all be summed up in two words????????……..”BE HUMBLE”

  10. Thanks Dorothy, for reminding us that Jesus is the door and the Holy Spirit is the key! We don’t have to stay locked away, when we allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate our hearts.

    Also, we can bear fruit, like the fig tree, Rena talked about, if we will fertilize ourselves with God’s Word.

  11. Needles I think your answer “Be humble’ in answer to Sara’s question on what should we do if someone can’t perceive or understand what we are saying has validity. And I agree with you on Rena’s answer, too, which to me says not only to be teachable but be a seeker of the truth. “For those who seek me diligently (with all their heart) shall find Me “(Prov 8:17). I had a perception problem just the other day. Sara was telling a story about when she was a child loving to go to the barn to find and eat peanuts from the peanut hay. The phrase ‘peanut hay’ sent red flags up in my being because I had never seen or heard of peanut hay and had no comprehension or understanding (now that’s NO PERCEPTION) on what it was. All I could picture in my finite mind was alfalfa or timothy hay that someone had baled and a few peanuts had got stuck in there, maybe, somehow. Now here I have degrees in agriculture and have a teaching license that says I am supposed to be able to teach agriculture education and am having a hard time believing (that’s the Acts scripture Needles wanted us to study out about the people who couldn’t/wouldn’t believe) Sara that there is such a thing as peanut hay. My pride got in the way of belief. (here’s where ‘be humble’ comes into play). But we kept ‘talking it out’ and seeking the facts on the matter and trying to figure out who to ask that could help me get my perspective straight. So I called an agricultural expert, Sara’s brother Wallace. And sure enough he set me straight and changed my perspective on the whole matter by telling me all about peanut hay. Sara was right. She communicated the truth effectively but I couldn’t perceive it because of an old mindset due to a blockage of pride and unbelief. So with help from Sara, I was able to seek more light on the situation, get the facts from a different perspective and my perspective changed. I really learned a lot from this experience and understand better the need to ‘be humble’, seek the truth and talk it out until the shadows disappear, light comes and perspectives are broadened for healthier friendships, relationships and fellowships.

  12. Hey Debi, I sure did not perceive this conversation or events to go like this. Well, let’s see how Rena remembers it since she was in the same car and heard the same Words and participated in the conversations.

  13. From my perception of the conversation we were informed that there was peanuts in hay and we had not heard of that before. As I did not know about this I thought I better research it out. My Dad grew and bailed hay for years. but not a peanut did we have to eat. After talking we found that due to Carolina’s warm climate in the area of Edenton that the soil was sandy and farmers were able to grow peanuts well. On further research here are some fun facts from the State of North Carolina:

    NC Peanut Fun Facts:
    . North Carolina has 5,000 peanut farmers.
    . North Carolina ranks third in peanut production in the United States.
    . The peanut variety grown by North Carolina Peanut farmers is primarily the Virginia type. The Virginia type is distinguished by its large oval shape and reddish brown skin. Because they are the largest peanut grown, the Virginia type is frequently referred to as “the peanut of gourmets”. They are valued by consumers for their large size and beauty as well as their outstanding flavor and pleasing crunchy texture.
    . Most of North Carolina’s peanuts are consumed “out-of-hand”, as cocktail peanuts, instead of crushed into peanut butter or incorporated into candies. Consumers enjoy North Carolina’s peanuts roasted, salted in the shell, boiled, and in other processed forms. Americans consume over 12 pounds of peanuts per person per year.
    Peanuts are high in vegetable protein and vitamin B, low in sodium and contain no cholesterol. Since peanuts are a legume, they reduce the need for additional fertilizers as they return nitrogen to the soil as they grow.

    Due to the high protein content the farmers of years ago would grow peanuts in their fields and then produce that crop. They would then grow hay not stripping the peanuts from the land. They would then harvest the hay and peanuts together which was a wonder meal for livestock.

    On further research I found that they grow a perenniel peanut hay and I found this on the Florida State Agricultural site.

    Perennial Peanut Hay

    Perennial peanut is a high-quality persistent tropical forage legume which can be grazed or fed to horses, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep and rabbits. It can be stored as dry hay or silage and is a substitute for alfalfa. Florigraze and Arbrook cultivars of perennial peanut, or rhizoma peanut, as it is sometimes called, have been selected in Florida for their high yield, quality, persistence, disease resistance, and drought tolerance.
    Perennial peanut is well-adapted to dry, sandy soils, and has the potential to persist indefinitely. Perennial peanut is planted using rhizomes, or underground stems, dug from a nursery planting. It does not require nitrogen fertilizer, and once established, can be maintained with low level management. Hay yields in North Florida range from 3 to 5 tons per year for well-established stands. Quality and uses are so similar to that of alfalfa that perennial peanut has been coined “Florida’s alfalfa.”
    Perennial peanut grows well in Florida, south Georgia and southern portions of the Gulf States. It requires no pesticides for control of insects or diseases nor does it require applied nitrogen as do traditional grass forages. These characteristics make perennial peanut an environmentally sound, low resource consuming crop that ranks it as an important component for sustainable agricultural systems.
    Perennial peanut evolved under tropical conditions, however, it adapts well to subtropical or warm temperate climates. In the northern hemisphere, this includes locations below 31 degrees to 32 degrees latitude which have a longer warm growing season.
    Perennial peanut grows best in full sun. Specific rainfall requirements have not been determined, however, it grows best in Florida when days are long, hot, and humid. Irrigation has proven beneficial during establishment in spring droughts

    I felt that I needed to learn more about how farmers use their resources in that area. Taking in new knowledge and researching and finding out about it says to me we are moving into the new and that is what we did. We will never think of hay in the same way again and who knows the agriculture research teams may come up with a newer hay that will benefit livestock in a more nutritional way or without as many fertilizers. If we are perceiving, questioning, and learning our knowledge will grow just like a lot of us are growing with knowledge on the computer. We can let blinders shut out all that God is moving us into in this season and this time in history or we can walk in the new. We will forever be learners as we sojourn here on earth and perhaps God has a school in heaven where we will learn even more.

  14. Gee, Rena, I don’t remember discussing any of this conversation at all. I only perceived for almost two days that Debi and Rena told me without a thought otherwise that their was no such thing as peanut hay.

    Now, I accepted that in my mind because I sure know they both know more about farming and outdoors that I do or than I want to know. But, a picture of my experiencing this with my younger brother and sister sure would not go away. So on the second day I suggested we ask Wallace who was and is a farmer through and through.

    I only made this statement in the first place because Debi asked us if the green plants we saw growing in the fields were peanuts. I said “I don’t know, I only know peanuts grew there when I saw the hay with peanuts in it.” And, did those two educated ladies get a kick out of that.

    Now they have both got off and become peanut hay experts and I still know nothing except, I would take my little brother and sister and go and stench the peanuts from the hay when it was delived to my father’s barn. He used it to feed his cattle. We as children were not even allowed outside our little white picket fence. But, food loving me found a way like a little mouse and found those peanuts.

    Did I know and do I know how they got there. NO, but I sure enjoyed them!

  15. Perception : To understand.
    Perspective : The view of things. How one sees it.
    We can all understand something but we may view it in a different way. We all got here the same way but we are all different. Jesus had MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN, tell about his life but each one told it in a different way. They told it in their own perspective. This is the way God wants to use us. Each of us sees things differently, but we are all part of God’s Kingdom. One person is not responsible for the entire Kingdom. All God’s people are. I may view things differently than others, but I view things the way God wants me to see it. Just like Matthew and Mark understood what happened but viewed it in a different matter giving us two different books of the Bible. If they had the same perspective then it would be one book written by: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In my perspective this is all part of God’s glorious plan. Psalms 139 talks about how well God knows us. He made each of us in the same way but different. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we are going to say before we say it. In Isaiah 6: 8-13 God knew that the people would listen but not learn from Isaiah’s message. God knew what was going to happen before Isaiah spoke to the people. God knew Isaiah was going to say “send me” before he asked him, “Whom should I send as a messen ger to this people?” God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows if our heart is hard hearted or full of love and joy for our Lord. GOD’S PERCEPTION IS PERFECT. GOD’S PERSPECTIVE IS PERFECT. Just as Isaiah did, we must purify ourselves daily. Footnotes: Isaiah 6:8 The more clearly Isaiah became of his own powerlessness and inadequancy to do anything of lasting value without God. But he was willing to be God’s spokesman.” God told Isaiah that these people will listen to your message but they will not learn. Isaiah didn’t say well God why should I waste my time going then. He said SEND ME LORD. He knew God was in control. Total trust and obedience. When God calls we must answer. We must tell our perception of the message in our perspective with God’s guidance. Thank you Lord for your perfect perception and perspective. Thank you Lord the strength and guidance you provide us with. When you speak to us Lord help us to be obedient like Isaiah and purify us daily. Help us to throw our lights forward in the way you want us to, Lord. Thank you Needles for this blog.

  16. Yes, this makes you all right. Each of you see and have written your perspective. This is what God put on your heart. We all understand it, but see it in a different way. We see it the way God wants us too. Putting all our perspectives together makes a more exciting, wonderful story. Just like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we can all tell the same story in different ways. What an exciting story.

  17. Let me clarify the blog above. You can all be right if you understand (perceive) things correctly. The only way we can truly understand things correctly is through our Lord. I wasn’t stating that everyone’s opinion is right all the time. If God is not involved with our perception and perspective and we try to see things in our own eyes, we are looking through blurred glass. God will clarify our vision. He will purify and clarify our perception and perspective. Without God in the middle, we may see things differently. Pridefulness and arrogance can overflow our hearts and minds, making our perception and perspective distorted. If we are constantly reading God’s word and focusing on him, he will allow you to see things clearly. Just as he did with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They we all focused on Jesus and wrote different books of the Bible, and they all say it the way God wanted them to. God was in the middle. They saw with clear vision. We have all looked at things through a blurred glass before. When this happens we must realize what is happening and focus on God. That’s when our vision becomes clear. We must pray and study God’s word so we can see. We must remember that God has perfect perception and perfect perspective. We will never be perfect, but we can be better each day if we just follow our perfect role model.

  18. Chickenfarmer, I think I am getting your point. If we have pride and arrogance we are not ever going to see it God’s way. I John 2:16″… the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not of the Father but is of the world.”

  19. We learned Sunday that God does always resist the proud but He gives grace and more grace to the humble. I had asked Sara how to discern a prideful person who might be hiding under a cloak of modesty. She answered that it was defined in the Word of God as Gary taught in 1 Peter 5:5. “You who are younger in the Lord and of lesser rank, be subject to the elders, the ministers and spiritual guides of the church…giving them respect and yielding to their counsel. Clothe yourselves with humility…with freedom from pride and arrogance toward one another. FOR GOD SETS HIMSELF AGAINST THE PROUD, ARROGANT, OVERBEARING DISDAINFUL, PRESUMPTUOUS AND BOASTFUL AND HE ALWAYS OPPOSES, FRUSTRATES AND DEFEATS THEM. BUT HE GIVES GRACE, FAVOR AND BLESSING TO THE HUMBLE.
    Therefore, humble yourself in your own estimation under the mighty hand of God and HE will exalt you in due time. Casting all of your care over on HIM for HE cares for you.” (amp.)
    Do we see one who is constantly frustrated in doing things their own way and yet persist???
    So I understood that if we are not doing things according to the Word of God,or if we see someone who continually persists and insists in doing things contrary to the WORD, that is arrogance personified and NOT humbling ourselves before the Lord GOD. “I DID IT MY WAY” is WAY OFF!
    So, I understand what Chickenfarmer is saying that SUBJECTIVE PERSPECTIVES may NOT be right just because they happen to be someone’s personal view. Different strokes for different folks might pertain to chocolate verses vanilla, baseball versus football, rock verses BACH but when it comes to the WORD there is only ONE PERSPECTIVE and the BIBLE SPELLS OUT WHAT THAT IS.

  20. What Sara wrote reminds me of what happened in Isaiah 14;12..Lucifer was so full of pride ….he couldnt see….at all…and now its …eternal blindness and separation…..we better change while the change is available…and we are still in these bodies….and get understanding…of which the Daily Lily puts out daily.. and get some of the eye salve that revelation 3:18 speaks of ….dj

  21. Buddha wrote “… rely on the essence of your pure Wisdom Mind, not on judgmental perceptions.”

    and, one of my very favorite quotes:

    One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
    “No”, answered Buddha.
    “Then are you a healer?”
    “No”, Buddha replied.
    “Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
    “No, I am not a teacher.”
    “Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
    “I am awake”, Buddha replied.”

  22. To ‘rely on the essence of your pure wisdom mind’ reminds me of “Garden of distilled wisdom” that many of us learned about at Sara’s retreat 2007 “Throwing Your Light Forward”. In her study that ‘distilled wisdom’ had to do with perspectives also. So in thinking about the comparisons, distillation (the process of purifying a liquid by successive evaporation and condensation )leaves the ‘ultimate nature of a thing’ which is what essence is. It seems to me that a wise mind gathers much information and many perspectives and is able to synthesize or distill them down in order to obtain the pure essence of the matter and reach a correct, non-judgmental conclusion. Those familiar with aromotherapy know that pounds and pounds of flowers or plant parts may be gathered, but after distilling them down a very small quantity of the pure essence is obtained. It is this ‘essential’ oil that is relied upon to change a mental or physical perpspective through its chemical properties. So it would seem important for us to be able to learn and discern judgemental perpsectives and seek the ‘essence’ quoted above.

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